Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump is the President of the United States.... now what?!

Well folks.... We have a new president. I know some of you are hurt and scared... I know some of you are rejoicing... I know some of you are indifferent... it is what it is. At first I will admit I thought the professors cancelling classes and students not being able to cope and move on were being cry babies... I did... Sore losers if you will. But then I realized these people need some grace. Just like I do... just like we ALL do. Certain people on this earth put their hope in political figures.... and now they are living their life in fear of the unknown. Certain people are also putting their trust into the dark side of the president elect. They are taking the racist, sexist things he has done or said and putting hope into that..... We live in an evil world. It's not all evil of course. God is still here, He is still present! There are wonderful things happening too.

People please don't put your trust in this world. You will be disappointed. You will be hurt. You will be fearful. Sometimes I forget this. I forget that God is in control. No matter what is going on around me, no matter what horrible things I see or hear on the news... There is good news. There is good in this world too... if you put your trust in God.

I pray today that those of you who are hurting and afraid will seek comfort in Him. I pray that those of you who feel like boasting and calling people cry-babies instead turn to God and remember how important it is to have grace. Lean not on your own understanding.... And I pray for this great country I am able to call home. May we learn how to work together as a people... different opinions and all.

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