Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Parenting fail #773928572462093847023847203874397523

Being an adult is hard. For real. You don't know that when you're young. You just think "I want to grow up and do my own thing!" But what you don't realize is ... it's hard. Cause you have responsibilities! You have a job, you need money to live, etc.

And then you become a parent. And you wish you were just an adult again. Not only are you responsible for your things... you are responsible for all your little people's things too?! You have to potty-train them (and I am failing miserably that that with Miss M so far....) You have to feed them 3 times a day... (only its more like 8 times a day). You have to give them clean clothes.... And when you do try to do laundry at 7:15 am when you haven't had your coffee and you are rushing through the morning routine of getting your school-aged children to school on time you do this.....

You don't really realize what you did until you get the clothes out of the dryer and try to put them away later in the day... Now keep in mind you did your Bible study today!! You did!! For once cause honestly its been a few days, or weeks, or months since you've really sat down and read your Bible, but you did TODAY.

You feel those cards in that pocket and your initial reaction is ($hit). Well MY initial reaction is that... great... Ceej is going to be soooo mad at me when he comes home. Should I tell him on the way home from school or let him see the cards on the counter. Of course this is going to be my fault. I was the one who did the laundry. I should have checked the pockets of every article of clothing. No really its my fault I didn't get him some kind of awesome notebook with pages to slip each card in to keep it in pristine condition.... yep your fault mama! When really it was his fault for not checking his pockets before putting said pants in the laundry basket!

Oh crap... there it is. I know why my children are constantly trying to blame someone else for the problems... b/c they get it from ME!! ugh. I hate being responsible for everything.... if I was a good example for my children then they would be perfect right? Only I can't be perfect, NO ONE CAN. No one earth anyway.

So there is my parenting fail for today... I'm sure I will have more today... and I know I'll have more the next day and the next... Thankfully there's this thing called GRACE. I'm really going to try to have more of it with my children. They need it. I need it. I'm really hoping my little guy will throw some my way when he finds out what happened to his Pokemon cards......

God thank you for your grace each and every day.

In this instance I am happy to announce that Grace won! My little Ceej was very sweet. I do however think it helped with how I softened the blow. See you can really help yourself by using your words wisely. I could have gone into this in a few different scenarios....

1. If you would not have left your cards in your pocket this (insert ruined cards) would have NEVER happened.

2. Look Ceej! Mommy bought you new Pokemon cards...... those other ones are lost.....

3. Ceej, I have something to tell you. I was doing laundry today, and I forgot to check your pockets and this is what happened (insert ruined cards). I'm really sorry buddy. It was an accident.

Well I played out scenario #3.... and he was super sweet. He said "It's ok Mommy, I forgot to check my pockets too."


  1. You should do a follow up on how this turned out . . . . . . lmh


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