Monday, April 20, 2015

My Little Pony Birthday Party

Oh my goodness I have been meaning to post this for a while... but yea April is CRAZY people.... at least in my life. 3 birthdays in 3 weeks is just too much...

In my last post you saw how to make your own pony shirts.... DIY pony shirts

Well I went ahead and made a few more for family attending the party :)

fluttershy. this was the last one i made.
 i think i progressively got better the more i did!

twilight sparkle
apple jack 

We also had some fun activities for the party!
Fluttershy's egg hunt

I took some yarn and wrapped a piece of scotch tape around the end (to make it easier to get in the froot loop) and the kids had a blast. They were eating along the way too :)

I found these pop out/stand up ponies at JoAnn Fabrics. Each came with their own markers to color.

No pony party is complete without cupcakes! They are Pinkie Pie's favorite!

we set out an old school MLP blanket and had some story time while the eggs were being hidden.

Of course I didn't take near enough pictures... I had ponies all over the place... but forgot to take snapshots of them! if you look closely you can see some of the little cupcakes Bubba and I decorated and put up as well...

I'd say everyone had a fabulous day... here's a small recap...

1. pinkie pie's make your own froot loop necklaces
2. rarity's coloring station
3. twilight sparkle and spike's reading nook
4. fluttershy's egg hunt
5. apple jack's snacks 

I had an optional rainbow dash's egg race... but for a 2 year old that was a bit much. Maybe if you were going to have a MLP party for an older girl. I tell you what I had so much fun planning it!!! I'll be a little sad when she doesn't like the ponies anymore :(

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