Friday, November 21, 2014

Blogilates on YouTube is kicking my booty!

Well folks... I have started working out again!! Whoo hooo!!! I came across this workout video on Pinterest and thought okay, Laura, you REALLY need to start working out again... let's try this video...

The gal's name is Cassey Ho and she's super cute. After doing this one video I started looking up other POP Pilates workouts and noticed she had a blog... It is pretty awesome! She has a workout calendar for every day of the month!

This is something I need. I have issues figuring out what videos I'm going to do and when. I never know which videos to do together and how many.... So this is just fabulous for me. Another awesome thing is I have a Blu-Ray player that has its own YouTube channel! And I have an iPhone too! So here's what I do every day....

1. Turn on TV and Blu-Ray player
2. Get the YouTube channel up and running
3. Open the YouTube app on my iPhone and connect to YouTube TV
4. I pull up my handy workout calender in my email (or you can print it off which is easier)
5. I search for the videos on my iPhone and add them to my TV Queue
6. Once I have the videos added I hit play from my phone and it automatically starts on my TV!






there will be ads in between the videos... my children have memorized the abreva one :)

One thing I have noticed... If I try to pause or fast forward from my Blu-Ray remote it can cause my Blu-Ray player to "freeze" and not work so well... BUT if I choose to pause or forward on my iPhone it works just fine!

**Also if you do not have a smart phone, but do have a Blu-Ray with YouTube channel... you can search through your Blu-Ray player to do each video... it is ALOT more time consuming though... trying to "type" things in with a remote is soo annoying?! It is much easier to type on my phone.

I am a visual person so these videos work great for me. I'm not a big fan of just looking at the moves on a piece of paper with picture layouts. I like having the actual video in front of me to see how she moves. Cassey also has great tips when doing the moves like keeping your core tight and your shoulders down away from your ears... keeping your back pushed down to the floor etc... I tend to forget these things when I am working out "on my own" and I can really strain my neck if I'm not careful. She knows when to remind you to breathe and relax.

I started working out with the blogilates calendar before Halloween and have managed to work out at least 5 if not 7 days out of the week. Not too shabby right?! Cassey is a very positive gal. She has some funny videos and you can see how she's come a long way from just being a pilates instructor to having her own blog and style and quite cute workout videos. The hilarious thing is Ceej is always like "Let's go downstairs and do your workout, Mommy!" I think he might have a crush on Cassey :). It's either that or he just likes hearing her say "Butt" whenever I'm working on my butt! I can tell its doing something because I am sore ALOT. I can't tell necessarily if I look that much better... but I know I feel better! She also has "clean" eating habits and recipes... but eh I like to eat sugar and what not so I'm just doing the workouts. My genes are doing just fine for me right now keeping "thin" so I'll worry about eating clean when I get old right?! I like my coffee and wine and bacon....

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Star Wars Halloween

Well I didn't think I would be able to top last years' Halloween.....

But I sure had to try! Little Miss M was really making it hard though... She refused to put on the costume! You'd think I was trying to put her in a straight jacket. She finally pulled through (or JDub did anyway!) and she wore it on Halloween :)

Star Wars is kind of a big deal around our household... here's a small glimpse of the random toys I could find around the house... there are tons more..

Thankfully I found Ceej's costume on sale last year after Halloween. And most of Bubba's Darth Vader I already had from Star Wars day at the library a while back...  JDub played along with a $2 vest my mom found at a consignment shop. I found most of mine at consignment as well. I did buy the white leggings from JCPenney b/c well they're cute and I'll wear them!
I'd say the most tricky part was trying to figure out how I was going to get the Princess Leia buns... I did just donate 10 inches of my hair so I opted for some yarn buns. I used the only yarn I had... a light brown and a few strands of orange. I wish I would have used a darker brown... but it was the only yarn I had at the time. I used my sock buns and they worked like a charm. Thank goodness for bobby pins and hair spray. All in all it was great Halloween. Oh and I did make Ceej's jet pack too! Out of Coke bottles, some foam and spray paint! Oh and don't forget the duct tape too.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!?

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