Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Ceej is four?! Here are a few pics from his recent Dinosaur party....

Dino Pinata... full of lego sets!!

Lawn Twister... all though it was a large scale for the kiddos...

Dino excavating... of course one dino did lose a limb..... 

The birthday boy "whacking the pinata" as he called it.

My 3-D dino cake!
Poor thing didn't make it all day... the weather was so beautiful it melted his head right off!
"Dino" egg hunt (it was Easter afterall)

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather!! While the adults were hiding the eggs I made sure to go through my resurrection eggs and focus on Jesus for a bit. I mean it was Easter... Ceej didn't need the whole spotlight. 

We did lots of fun things... like Dino excavating. I bought some cheap, small dinos and froze them in little cups. Then I let the kids hack away at them with some little wooden axes. Ceej is big on destroying things! I knew he'd love that... Then I made the giant pinata! I filled it with a few Lego sets and kept them in the bags thinking that would help us not lose any pieces... but we did anyway... oh well! the adults had to finally step in b/c that thing was indestructible! I had the dino cut out of cardboard from making the pinata and thought it would be cute to do lawn twister... but with dino shapes! Well the idea was good... but the scale was way to large for the kiddos to participate.... now I know! And we had a "dino" egg hunt as well. All in all I think all the kiddos had a good time. I was sad my dino cake lost his head about halfway through the party... but eh... he tasted good!

Happy 4th birthday Ceej.... you sure are one of a kind!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Look Whoos One!

Oh my... my little girl is 1 now!? I know I know... everyone says it... but it's soo true! Time passes by so quickly. I can hardly believe she is 1! I kept it pretty low key this birthday. I made a few things though!

I found this bead pattern on Pinterest! Owl key-chains for the kiddos.

having extra cardboard on hand was great!
I used crepe paper streamers to create this.

I bought the cute scrap paper from Michael's and created the banner. If you look closely you can see on the "L" I tried using Elmer's glue... BAD IDEA! It made it all wrinkly... so I switched to a glue stick for the rest of the letters. In hindsight, I probably should have gone with black letters... but it worked out ok. I was able to cut 3 large triangles from each 12x12 piece o paper.

I made some cute owls and took a bunch of white tinsel and strung it up for the background! Buying all of that tinsel after Christmas was a steal.

Miss M really enjoyed her cake! :) I think it was the butter-cream frosting that she enjoyed the most. She was surprising cleaner than the boys after their first cake encounters.... I didn't even have to change her outfit after she ate it!?

I'm working on preparations for the next bday celebration! Ceej wants dinosaurs... so since I've already had one dino bday... it shouldn't be too hard to do another right?!

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