Friday, February 21, 2014

crochet vs knitting

Well honestly... I haven't taken any professional classes... I just happened to stumble across some you tube videos and tutorials online... but after having some MAJOR issues trying to knit... I think I like crocheting

here is something i knitted... started out being a head band..
then i tried to morph it into a coffee cup sleeve... it just didn't work out.

And here's the kicker... I bet crocheting all of these things took about the same amount of time as me trying to knit that tiny strip?! Now I did the whole arm-knitting thing and I finished that scarf in 40 minutes... but I dunno... I 'm just not very good with the 2 needles thing.

If you are wanting to try and learn how to crochet... check out this awesome lady's website!

I'm working on a pot-holder (crocheting) right now... its looking pretty sweet! The heart from above was actually a pattern I found online! I am still working on the whole deciphering the crochet patterns though... It is like a foreign language to me.

Otherwise there's not much new on the home front... same ol same ol'. I sure am getting tired of this snow; Wish it would hurry up and melt. My boys are getting antsy around here :) Oh and JDub just had a birthday. Check out his Green Bay Packers cake!

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