Friday, July 26, 2013

Kitchen Decor

So what can you do with a sweet old calendar and cheap frames from the Dollar General?!!

This is where this is funny... b/c I have literally been meaning to post this for a year?! Ok maybe not a year... but it feels like forever. I took these pictures forever ago (we have since gotten a new fabulous kitchen table and this one, which I thought was ruined, has been restored beautifully by my Father-in-law!) and kept meaning to post and here they are... months later..

But I finally got around to it b/c I added something else recently.....

So my mom bought this quote a while back..... she didn't end up using it so she gave it to me! I thought oh cool, when she brought it. But I have to be honest I was side-tracked and didn't even read what it said. Then I came across it the other day and thought I'm gonna put it up! Then... I read it... and pretty much laughed out loud!

See... mealtimes are NOT fun for me most days... I mean do children really have to eat 3 meals a day... along with snacks... jeez... its a little excessive! (I jest.... kind of...) Ugh. I mean can I be real for a minute? Wait what am I saying... of course I CAN!! IT'S MY BLOG!!

There are days where I'm laying in bed tired in the morning and they run back "Mommy can you fix me food?!" And I'm like "In a minute....." then they proceed to watch 30 more minutes of TV while I snooze... then I wake to crinkling in the pantry and they've found the pop-tarts! SWEET! That'll give me some more time to sleep.... Then I eventually come out of my bedroom looking like a homeless cave woman to find crumbs EVERYWHERE. Not just on the floor, or in their chair... but in EVERY chair, all over the table.. somehow they crumbs have migrated into my shoes?! Jeez....

Then there are mornings where I actually get my butt out of bed! I cook up some bacon, eggs, toast... make coffee, get their juice... I have each plate made to their qualifications (Bubba wants honey on his toast while Ceej prefers jelly..... Bubba gets yogurt with strawberries on the side... Ceej gets yogurt with blueberries and strawberries in it) but what do I hear instead of a "Thanks Mommy!"........." I don't want bacon.... WHAAA" "I wanted apple juice, NOT orange juice." Then there's the spilling of the sticky juice (which happens at least once a week) or the feet on the table. Or the throwing of the food... and the eating with their hands instead of utensils... wiping their dirty little faces all over their clothes... Oh and my favorite (this is sarcasm if you can't tell...) is when they're standing up in their chairs messing around and they end up falling somehow, either out of the chair onto the floor or bumping into the marble table top or toppling their chair over all together and crying.... ugh. I have to deal with that 3+ times a day?! By myself majority of the time?! All while trying to shove food down my throat and breastfeed a baby at the same time because of course everyone else is eating why can't Miss M join in too?! Oh jeez... this just does not make for my fondest memories.

But alas... I digress.... I put this up kind of as a joke, and kind of as a goal. I want those times gathered around the table to be something I am fond of.... or more fond of. So here goes... I am going to try to take it one meal at a time... But honestly... when is the right age to let you child use the microwave... cause oatmeal really isn't that hard to make right?! :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life with 3 kiddos

Ya know... life with three kids really isn't too bad :) I've heard people saying going from 1 to 2 kids is difficult, but going from 2 to 3 kids is not too hard. I tend to agree.

Bubba and Ceej are very fond of Miss M. They try to comfort her when she's crying. They grab me burp rags when I need them. Ceej sits by her in the car and he's always holding her hand (its sooo sweet!) They often fall asleep together... still holding hands!

I am no longer a hermit crab. I used to think it was such a pain to go anywhere with kids... so I rarely did.... but since Bubba was in preschool all year long... I had to get out! So while he was at school I would run errands with just Ceej. And then Miss M came along! So it was back to running errands with 2 kiddos at the same time. And then summer came... and its a new adventure of running errands with 3 kiddos. But thank God for the Snugli.... y'all know what that is?!

This bad boy has saved my life... I'm not even exaggerating. I slap her in this baby when I'm shopping.... when we are at the library... when I go for walks sometimes... she's even sung on the praise team with me at church! It is awesome!! She usually just falls asleep while I'm walking around in it.

So there you'll see me... baby strapped to my chest and my little boys holding each hand. I almost always get someone saying "you have your hands full." Why yes... I do... but its pretty great most days.

Well we just found out he needs glasses! I figured he was so smart; being able to read words and knowing all his letters and what not. What I thought was going to be a quick eye appointment turned into an ordeal (b/c I had 3 kids in tow)... I just know he's going to look so handsome in them! Personally I always wanted glasses growing up. I thought they were pretty cool. I ended up just getting the glasses at the eye doctor (my kids were tired enough of being there...) But I think we'll have to go somewhere that has red glasses next time (his favorite color!)

He is testing my limits lately... little stinker... he is too smart for his own good and I find him constantly correcting me (which is what I do to him ALL THE TIME). He does so well listening and being good some days... and then I wonder if he listens at all the next day. He can be so naughty sometimes!

I find I have much more patience with this kid. I'm not quite sure why. He really is cute. And I think that helps. He's still my little baby boy too! I know he's not a baby anymore... but he just seems so sweet and innocent still. (Not like the big bro who's manipulative already!) Don't get me wrong he's naughty..... and still a little destruct-or (he broke our Green Lantern guy in half the other day... took a play knife and cut into a leather storage bin lid.... and I'm pretty sure he scratched JDub's truck while playing in the garage...) but there's something about his personality that makes you forget he was just being naughty 2 seconds ago!

Bubba and Ceej often get mistaken for twins... I have a feeling Bubba's new glasses might change that.

Miss M:
Oh goodness she is already a little diva... If she doesn't get what she wants quick enough she just cries like a little banshee. (what is a banshee anyway... oh wait its some folklore thing that is always depicted wailing... I guess I should stop saying that though b/c its a premonition of death! hmm...) She is a momma's girl. She does NOT like to be held sitting down... its more of a constant motion she enjoys. She rarely even likes being held by other people! Its kind of exhausting... but I know it won't last forever. I do feel like I have the most patience with her. I mean she is just a baby!

She's getting bigger and bigger everyday. She's been so many more places and done so many more things at her age than her brothers did when they were babies. I guess its just b/c you have to get going and do things the older your kids get. She's been to the splash pad, the library, the movies, the Children's Museum... lots of places. We are even headed to a zoo today!

So that's life right now... seems like summer is already almost over! We've had relatives from TN come up to see everyone (and meet Miss M) so that has been lots of fun. We still have more relatives to come too! Miss M. slept from 9:00 pm- 5:00 am!! She was up for another hour spitting up all over me and my bed... but hey.. at least I got a good chunk of sleep before our busy day. I feel overwhelmed quite a bit... but still feel blessed as well :)

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