Friday, October 26, 2012

Not ideal... but is anything?!

This week was a hard week to be thankful. I'm not saying I wasn't thankful... because really I was. I thought of plenty of things to appreciate in my life. God is so awesome. But two funerals in one week... is not ideal. In attending these funerals I thought of something that made it a little easier. While it is very sad to see loved ones leave this earth.... it is reassuring to know the friends that left this week were believers in Christ. I know I'll see them again in heaven! And they are no longer in pain.

Revelation 21:4 He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

I don't know what your relationship is with Jesus... or if you even have one. But I sure hope you do! He is a constant reassurance in my life that everything is going to be ok!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feed the Ghost

Well folks... I have my game for Bubba's preschool party ready!!! I'm calling it "Feed the Ghost." Hopefully it's not too scary for the lil kiddos. Initially I wanted to have a jack-o-lantern eating the candy corn bags I made... but then JDub said he had some particle boards at work that already had holes cut in them?! So I improvised...

The white particle board + red and black spray paint + Candy bean bags = Feed the Ghost!

Its not too pretty... but hey it works. I've been letting the boys play it while leaning against the wall... I thought about trying to have JDub engineer some hinge/board on the back... but eh... I think we're good.

Don't you want to feed the ghost!?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Um..... where's my milk?!

There's really not much sweet about my 4 year old anymore... I mean yea... there are those moments... but they are far and between what they used to be. It's sad how fast kids are "growing up" these days! I'm sure its partially my fault... I never enjoyed the baby talk... I find it rather annoying when people talk to your children in the babbly baby talk.

Every morning I wake up to "Where's my milk?" Why its in the fridge dear, where the milk goes. "Go get my milk." Excuse me?! Is this the way I talk to you? I know sometimes I do the occasional ordering around... go get your socks... you need to put your shoes on.... but I do try my best to get a please or thank you in there. Unless its the 4th or 5th time I've had to ask!

These boys can't have cold milk either.... it must be warmed up. Yes.... I know... it's MY fault.... after all I'm the on who started the warming up of the milk in the first place... In hindsight I should have never done that! (Note to new mother's out there... don't do it!!!) So not only do they need milk... but it can't just be readily made in the fridge for them... no I have to put it in a microwave-safe cup, warm it up.... not too hot.. not too cold (or I get complaints). I have it down to a science really since I've been doing it for years now.....

Here's the funny thing though... I stay at home... so I'm the one getting up every morning to get the milk, unless its the weekend, or JDub's on vacation or something. But when JDub happens to get the milk ready he closes the cups way too tight. I mean insanely tight... and when I first wake up in the morning I am so out of it I'm not really in the mood for having to strain myself just to get the cups open! And then I have the impatience's over here like "seriously mom.... where's my milk" while I'm struggling to get the cup open to even put the milk in?! Ceej has caught on (most likely from muttering under my breath) and he'll be like "Ugh! Why Daddy shut my cup?! Why Daddy shut cup?!" So hey... at least in my moments of pure frustration and agitation I can get a little laugh from that....

So how early can kids start using the microwave?.......

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Candy Corn bean bags

I have been asked to supply a game for Bubba's preschool Halloween party! I have to admit... I love Halloween!! I love dressing the kids up... I even like to dress up myself when the time comes. A few years back I sewed my first Halloween costume!

You might recall the little candy corn!! Aww Bubba's so sweet and innocent here! Ceej even wore the costume last year. Well I had plenty of yellow, white and orange fleece leftover from my little project. And you know how I am about holding on to my scraps!!! Anyway, I was trying to figure out what kind of game to do. So I logged onto Pinterest and started browsing. There were a few cute ideas out there.
Boo bowling with TP and pumpkin

throw darts to pop the balloons filled with confetti

witch pitch; throwing candy corn into little black pots
They were all cute... but I thought for a classroom of 15 kids.... the whole balloon confetti deal was a bit much... setting up the bowling game every time for every child would probably be a pain...... and would the kids even toss the candy corn or just eat it?!

I have to admit I initially thought "pin the face on the Jack-o-Latern"... But I thought I'd branch out a little (what with my "pin the tail on the sheep" and "pin the parrot on the pirate"). So after seeing this...........

I'm thinking I'll try it! I haven't started the pumpkin part... but I made my candy corn bags!!

I literally filled them with dried white beans... hopefully that's ok?! Aren't they cute?! Let's just hope the boys don't lose them before the party..... I'll keep you posted once the whole game is put together! Looking at them makes me want to buy candy corn and peanuts!! YUM!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meeting baby

Well JDub and I (and the 2 little stinkers b/c they refused to go into the play room...) had the privilege of meeting our lil babe last week :) Usually my pregnancies are routine and normal... no "high-risk" or anything for me... which means only one ultrasound.... so getting to meet our babe with and early ultrasound was kinda fun!

Baby was moving around like crazy in there... and silly me trying to get ready for the ultrasound drank WAAAY too much water and had to be not once, not twice, but 3 times during the hour we were there! Ridiculous! According to their measurements... I was 12 weeks along... due date of April 9th...

Then comes this week... my actual 12 week appt. My doctor thought I was measuring 16 weeks... so she wanted to do an ultrasound to see if I had multiples! ha! I said "No... just one baby in there... I just had an ultrasound last week... they thought I was 12 weeks along..." But hey I didn't mind seeing baby again! I tried to have the lady look to see what sex it was! No luck though.... baby's legs were right in the way! (Stubborn!!) She did say she didn't see any definitive "boy parts"..... but it was still pretty early too... I will still be keeping my fingers crossed that its a girl... not gonna lie :) I measured 13 weeks along with a due date of April 4th with her measurements... but not enough to move the date up I guess! So it will remain April 10th... but I have a feeling we'll have a March baby... or at least an April Fool's one!

Ok... I am a pig. I really, really am. All I want to do is eat?! I don't remember being this way with my other pregnancies... And I actually have cravings... they aren't usually good ones either! The other night it was greasy pizza (pizza rolls) then last night it was Cheez-its!

Ugh. I have no will-power. I'm not talking just one serving size either... No wonder my doctor thinks I'm measuring at 16 weeks..... and my pants aren't fitting. Poor Bubba has an ear infection and the nurse at his doctors office already asked me when I was due?! It's gonna be a long pregnancy.....

At least my cravings earlier were a little healthier... cucumbers soaked in vinegar, sugar and salt and pepper! YUM!

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