Sunday, September 30, 2012

Popsicle fun

So I had some popsicle sticks JDub decided to wash and hold on to for some sort of craft... I've had them for a while... and then thought of this!

It was super easy to create... yes I am a freak and already owned all of these colors of felt! I know there aren't any gray and black popsicles... but eh... I had the felt! The boys had fun being quiet and playing with them during church today! So I'd say they were a success.

And of course they are educational too!!

Who wants a Popsicle now?!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have an announcement

Well folks.... its that time again... time to have ANOTHER baby... oh jeez. I'm starting to wonder what we were thinking... JDub and I... even talking about having another baby... because its like once we have the talk then BAM! I'm pregnant... It literally was that fast! I guess God knew all along it was time :)

I'm not gonna lie. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope its a girl. I mean obviously I will be happy with whatever God gives us.... but I can hope right?!

There goes my hot bod :( Oh well I suppose I got it back after 2 babies..... so I can do it again right?! I just might have to join Kosama again when its all said and done! I am already showing... which is quite ridiculous... I'm not even fully through my 1st trimester and its like there's the belly. I know part of it is b/c I have to eat every 2 hours... I know some of you are like yea right... you don't HAVE to eat every 2 hours... and you're right I don't have to... unless I want to feel all pukey and light-headed! And the other part is I have not worked out in forever... like pretty much since I posted about working out 4/5 days... it was like oh wait... I have no energy what is my deal... oh yea I'm preggo. I know you can still workout when you're pregnant.... I just haven't had the energy to! I'm hoping I'll get some here soon though...

hot bod after 2 babies
And to all you people who don't gain 50+ pounds when you are pregnant.... that's awesome... I'm jealous really... I don't know how you do it... well maybe you just don't eat like a cow and you workout too... and that's great. But for me... I'll just gain it all and then hopefully lose it by working my butt off after the baby arrives.... So don't tell me to only gain 25-35 pounds.... cause I might just punch you in the face :) Blame the hormones!!!
this will be me in 7 months...

Anyone want to make predictions on when my belly button will pop? They try to say its like a turkey thermometer popping out... once that happens the turkey is done!.... yea not so much with me... I'm guessing month 4 it'll be out..

Also just a fun little fact... BOTH of my sister's are pregnant right now too?! Joke's on grandma I guess :) Love you Mom!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

School, Lies, and Bedtime

Oh my goodness... where do I even start?! Bubba is in full-swing of preschool. Thank goodness he is loving it. At first he was very hesitant.. He said something sweet like "I don't want to go... I want to hang out with you Mommy...." and normal mom's would probably be all "Oh isn't he just the sweetest I don't want to send him off?!" Yea... well I'm not normal! I look forward to a couple hours away... And if you ask me... 12:45-3:15 really isn't long enough.. I mean Ceej barely gets a nap in with all his tantrums... but oh well... for a free preschool I guess I shouldn't be complaining!

Bubba has turned into a liar of sorts... JDub says I shouldn't call him a liar... but that's what he is?! Why sugar-coat it?! Just today he's eating lunch (hot-dog, peaches, and broccoli) and I'm trying to look somewhat presentable, getting ready in the bathroom because even though I start lunch at 11:30 my children rarely finish before we need to leave no later than 12:35...... when he's all "Can I get down?!" I left him with 3 pieces of broccoli to finish.... so I ask if he's eaten his broccoli... he says he has.... I go in to confirm and lo and behold his plate is clean! I praise him for finishing his food (knowing he was whining about having to eat his broccoli for about 10 minutes...) And proceed to the trash to find THE 3 PIECES OF BROCCOLI SITTING ON TOP?! Ok... where do they learn this from? And I'm sorry if he really wants to get away with it he has to do a better job than that (at least hide it under the rest of the trash....) I do have to give him props for admitting he lied... but still he has to get that little smirk on his face the instant he knows he's caught! Just like his father that one is... whenever we get into an argument about something or I'm angry he's instantly laughing and I just want to punch him in the face! (his father... not Bubba...) Anyway... he's been lying about the dumbest things... but I'm not really sure how to deal with it. I've tried reasoning with him, I've tried time-outs, I've tried taking things away... nothing is really working yet...

Oh Ceej.... my cute little punk Ceej.... The "blu paci" as he calls it... is gone... I kind of made him get rid of it cold-turkey... I know its a bit mean considering how much he loved it... but I was getting really tired of him waking up in the middle of the night frantic b/c he couldn't find it (If you know me at all you should know I don't like my sleep to be interrupted...) Bubba is going to bed a little earlier now that he has school in the afternoons and can't take naps. We hadn't been making Ceej go to bed any earlier b/c he can still nap during the day. Well a couple weeks ago Ceej made me go through the drill of putting him to sleep to only get out of bed and say "no sleepy". Yea well I wasn't in the mood so I said "you can go to sleep now... WITH your paci.... or you can go to sleep later.. WITHOUT it..." I repeated it several times and he just laughed and smiled running around like crazy. So later that night he went to bed w/o it. Only he didn't go to bed. He proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs and cry and carry on forever. That first night JDub was a trooper and he laid with him until he fell asleep. The second night I tried to lay with him until he fell sleep after lots of explaining... but apparently I am not a ninja and can not get out of his bed the way JDub does and he woke up clinging to me for dear life. Let's just say its been a couple weeks now and we are still struggling......... we've stopped the laying with him and moved on to the holding the door shut keeping him in his room. I believe it went on for over and hour 2 nights ago... and last night was a much shorter-lived tantrum. I can only pray God will help him through it (and help me not break down) because it is exhausting every night and every nap-time to go through this. Its hard to believe some stupid piece of plastic used to make him curl up in his bed and go right to sleep no fuss!

At least I had a nice surprise this morning.... Bubba slept in til 8:00! He NEVER does that... and Ceej slept in til 7:30 :) Well technically he came into bed with me around 6:20... but he fell back asleep until 7:30... I really do love my kids... I just also really love my sleep :)

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