Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy Little Beavers....

We have been some busy little beavers in this household! Sorry its been so long since I've posted :( I really will try to be better this summer. Is everyone else's summer just crazy? I mean its only technically been summer for like 6 days... but yea its been hectic. Here's what we've been up to...

Vacation time!!!
JDub took a whole week off for vacation! Yes.... we were still sick... I'll spare you all the details... but lets say pneumonia was the main culprit! We hung around our house for a couple days... and headed to Dubuque, IA!!! Whoo hoo... I know some of you might be like what?! But the kids really had a blast. We stayed at the Grand Harbor hotel right there on the Mississippi.

It was all right... I wouldn't say it was fabulous... but it was decent. And the main attraction was the indoor water park!! (you can see the tube slide coming out in the picture above)
I know.. I won't be getting "mother of the year" letting my child with pneumonia go swimming... but he had been on antibiotics for a week! And you should have seen Ceej's little face!!! He had SOO much fun. The park was just about perfect for our 2 year old and almost 4 year old. It probably would have been better if they were a little older to enjoy all of it (we did not have life jackets/floaties for them so the areas that were 3 feet and up were off limits unless we were holding them.. and they weren't up for that). But they really loved it. They wanted to go back to the water again the next day... but Bubba was throwing up for some reason... and Ceej's cough was pretty bad so we just did it that first night.

We were within walking distance of the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium as well. 
The boys loved looking at all the fish( I got the idea to go here for the vacation b/c they actually request that we grocery shop at Wal-Mart just so they can see the fish!) The funniest part was there was a cave inside; and that and this log thing were where they kept wanting to go. I can't even remember how many times we went back to those attractions!
Bubba and me entering the cave!!
Ceej playing with the fireplace where you load the logs. You would grab a "log"
 from the back and then pull that handle down and put the log in to increase the flame!
It was really too bad we were all coughing so much. We got some lovely stares from people...and most of the pictures of me looked like this...

I'm sure JDub would be appalled to read this... but lets just say all the coughing made me think of a good movie quote.... Name that movie!!! 
"if peeing in your pants is cool.... consider me Miles Davis!" 

And I am that old lady... an average of 3 times a day.... yep you read it right.... an AVERAGE of 3 times a day... believe me I am not proud of this... but hey it is what it is... JDub says I should be more discreet... but eh... hopefully I got a few laughs!

Family in town!!!!
My sis from TN was in town with my nephew for the past 2 weeks too! We went to parks, splash pads, movies, Chuck E Cheese... so not a whole lot of down time! It was awesome getting the cousins together and watching them play :)

Oh yea did I mention on top of that I was watching a co-worker's of JDub's daughter during the weekdays too?!  She's 6... and a girl!? So I wasn't sure how it would go. But I think she had fun! We did all the girly things I don't really get to do with my boys... like manicures... braiding hair... making bracelets... I might be watching her again later this summer... she's a sweetie! I really had to dig around to find some dress up clothes for her though... not used to that with my boys!

Well I have manged to work on a few things... A friend of mine from my small group asked me to make her a couple of my stuffed dinos (if you need a refresher click the link dino bday party) for her two son's upcoming birthdays! She had seen one of the dino's at church a while back and thought they'd be great gifts! I am working well under pressure... her eldest son's birthday is July 5th... so I've been working hard. I forgot to take a picture of the other one I made... but I promise I'll update this post with a pic of the "Iowa Hawkeye" themed dino when it is complete.

****UPDATE... here's the dino!!

I'm old!!!
Speaking of birthdays.... I just had one! I'm 28 years young.... I was feeling officially old after NOT being ID'd for my wine at dinner on the eve of my birthday. We had a waiter that looked about 12 and he did not ask for my ID :( boo hoo. That hadn't happened in a while. But don't you worry!!!! I got that young feeling again when a new cable provider came up to my door and asked if the homeowner was available!!! Gotta love that. He was quite embarrassed... I suppose I should have said it made my day!

Ugh I am pooped right now... my usual take a nap.. or sit on my butt and blog time during afternoon naps has turned into me trying to squeeze a workout and shower in before the boys wake up! I managed to mop the kitchen floor as well :)

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer so far!

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 2012 updates

Alllllllllllllllrighty then...... (holla Ace Ventura!)

I figured some of you distant family out there (and anyone else who's interested!) Might like to hear some updates going on around here!

Kosama ends :(
I am quite saddened by this..... But my stint of working out with Kosama is over :( It was sooo awesome. And while I truly miss the workouts everyday, I'm not really missing getting up at 4:30 am! Here's a refresher of my new hot bod kosama-before-and-after . So what do I do now?! Well.... I've managed to do 3 workouts here at home since my last official Kosama workout (back on May 29) so not too bad.... It's hard to find the time when you're not getting up at the butt-crack of dawn! But its not like I can blare Kei$ha that early at home and hop around my living room w/o waking everyone. I'm hoping to keep up with my own workouts whether its walking, videos, different movements from Kosama that I can remember..... that way I don't lose all my hard work. If anyone is looking for a workout partner for some sort of (cheap) Yoga or Zumba class let me know?! :)

Sick again....
Yea are you tired of reading about my sicknesses? Cause I'm sure tired of it... it is ridiculous!! But yes, we are all sick and still getting over it. I hate to be Negative Nancy here... but after posting "I hope you all have a blessed Memorial day weekend" Mine pretty much blew... chunks... JDub worked Saturday and Sunday... to be off Monday but too sick to do anything fun. Ceej also developed a TERRIBLE cough that will not go away.... (yep its still here 2 weeks later!) We went to urgent care the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend b/c Bubba said his ear hurt (yep, it was infected!) Then of course I got sick Tuesday (after at least working out). I didn't develop the sore throat and cough until a week later... but did have fever/chills/feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat to my head....

So yea.... sorry if I haven't made an effort to call or write you... I've been busy with that.... and lazy; a mixture of the two really! I did manage to give myself a pedicure though!
who's got a boat? I'm ready for some smooth sailin'

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