Thursday, March 29, 2012

A little "me" time :)

Last night I took a little time for myself... perhaps a little selfish considering what I could have been doing with my time... but eh... I don't really feel guilty about it. JDub's been out of town since Monday (don't worry, he's back tonight yay!!) And well when my in-laws offered to take the boys overnight I basically shouted YES!!

I'm not gonna lie... I pretty much did NOTHING all night. I dropped the boys off at 4:00 pm... went to my workout (it's hard to find a baby-sitter at 4:30 am) came home and dilly-dallied for a little while. Then I took a nice, hot shower. I'm talking the leisurely, take-your-time, exfoliate, micro-abrasion, shave, the whole kit-n-kabootle shower. I even ran out of hot water by the end of it! I was even able to apply my self-tanning lotion and had time for it to dry. An uninterrupted shower is something that is really taken for granted as a mom. There were no little fists pounding on the door. No "I have to go potty mommy" or grabby fingers pulling the shower curtain back letting all the cold air in!

Then I literally sat on my butt and read for hours!!! It was fantastic. I finished the rest of the Hunger games 1st book this morning!! I am eager to start the next. I really wanted to read it before seeing the movie :)

Now I'm ready for the weekend!!! Too bad its not Friday....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing new....

There is not much going on in our household these days!!! So that is why I have been a little m.i.a. in the creative blog world.

I have been working on things for Ceej's upcoming 2nd birthday celebration! Here are the invites I made :)

Can you guess what theme I'm going with?! These little buggers took me forever... but hey they are pretty cute right?!

I found these adorable shoes at Old Navy the other week....... I just couldn't pass them up; check out the clearance price!

So you can expect some fun projects coming up after the birthday extravaganza (I sure hope the weather is nice cause Ceej just loves water balloons :) )

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kosama before and after

I completed my 8 weeks at Kosama!!! And I'm still going :) It is rather addicting.... I just feel so good after working out there, and I'm LOVING the results I'm seeing physically. I am stronger. There is NO DOUBT about that. Before when I would lift Ceej and Bubba out of a shopping cart, I would be struggling... now I can fairly easily lift them up and out w/o problems (unless their little shoes get caught on something!). I can see and feel the difference in my biceps. I went from only being able to do 18 push-ups..... to now being able to do 33 in a row w/o collapsing! I lost 5 inches in my waist, 1.5 inches in my hips, and I lost 2 whole pounds of fat!
this is just what 1 lb of fat looks like..... 

JDub is being a little protective of my new hot bod..... so I'm just showing my before and after photo of my back. (if you're my friend on facebook you can see the others :) ) This is really where you can see most of the difference anyway!

I know... some of you might not see that much of a difference..... But I sure can. And that was only 8 weeks! Imagine what a year could do.... well I didn't sign up for a year, but I want to get my body swim-suit ready! So I'm staying on for a few more months....

You should find a Kosama near you if you're looking for a new workout. Its a group atmosphere... you never do the same thing every day.... its AWESOME! I highly recommend it :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Gingers reunite everywhere!!!! I really don't like being referred to as a "ginger" it sounds degrading... but if another ginger calls me one its ok... ya know? It's like we have our own little club. Any who, this year I was pumped St. Patrick's Day fell on a Saturday! That meant JDub would be home and we could all go to the parade together! In preparation my mom found me this nice green shirt at Goodwill. I don't know the exact price she paid... but it was cheap I'm sure...

Initially I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be cool to try....

So I tried eye-balling my cuts...

I ended up trimmed a bit more off to get the fit just right.... I took the scraps and tied 3 little knots on each side.

I wanted to go with the racerback style shirt... but then I didn't want to ruin the Bible verse on the back. And hey there were A LOT of people out and about over the weekend..... and I'm sure a few of them could use a little Jesus too :)

I ended up with this!
It was just too hot to wear a t-shirt... I'm glad I altered it to get a lil more sun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's with boys and their forts?

Ok so I semi get this one... I mean if I were to have a "fort" it would look something like this!
Of course that won't happen b/c they would destroy all my hard work in about 5 seconds! But they have to have a fort everywhere! Just about in every room?! What is up with that?

this is the one in the basement

daddy constructed this one after an order from
 this was at Christmas and don't worry it is still in the house :(
That is what JDub constructed while I was away... its apparently how he wants to spend his day off.

this is Bubba's bunk-bed fort
I don't mind the forts....... not really..... but Bubba's bed fort was becoming a problem!!! JDub decided to start this trend (thanks a lot) and then he wanted it all the time. The only problem was it kept falling... usually (conveniently) in the middle of the night and during nap-time. Bubba would scream bloody murder until someone would fix it. Initially we were shoving the blanket underneath the mattress of the top bunk. But that just wasn't covering it. This is an old-school electric blanket (that doesn't function as it was originally intended) that's kind of heavy due to the cords woven inside. I wanted to throw it out, but it is the only blanket that will cover the entire length of the bunk beds w/o "cracks" of light as Bubba calls them. So I did a little sewing :) Nothing special really.... but so far it is working out great!

I had these black strips of fabric leftover from my t-shirt quilt!!
t-shirt quilt! this was before the backing was added...
I sewed all this and took it to a professional for the quilting part

these strips were already cut! I'm so glad I hung onto them :)
Then I made them into straps! I tried to measure where they'd need to be to go around the side railings and all... my measurements were a bit off but hey... it works!

No more falling fort! For now anyway... Hopefully the straps will hold up. :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Butterfly kid craft

So I like getting crafty... hopefully that's pretty obvious from these posts... I get a little bored sometimes and want to make something! Originally I had planned these butterflies as an easy craft for my niece's rainbows-and-butterflies-birthday party theme.... but when Bubba came down sick, and he was really the only child who could participate for longer than 2 seconds (Ceej just has no patience for crafting....) I decided to try them out one afternoon.

I already had the googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and random poofs for the noses from when I did my reindeer beer birthday present for my father-in-law.

And I also had clothespins and coffee filters from my turkey place setting back on Thanksgiving.....

Its always funny how these crafts start out as something for the kids.... but then I end up doing most, if not ALL, of the work on it... oh well it keeps them entertained for a time and I have fun doing it usually :)

After I made noses on the butterflies, Bubba informed me that butterflies smell with their feet... so maybe the noses were unnecessary....

I cut the circular coffee filters into butterfly wings.... colored with marker.... sprayed with water (Bubba's favorite part!) and let them dry. That way they look sort of tie-dyed! Then scrunch the filters into the clothespin and there you go!

After the party of course I realized I had pinned this on Pinterest a while ago..........

That would have been a perfect party favor full of skittles! A little "taste the rainbow" action.... oh well :)

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