Sunday, July 31, 2011


I know... that's not a word... or an acutal thing.... but I really think they should make one... kinda like a Pedometer... you know those little things you clip on and it keeps track of all your steps? Only this one would keep track of how many times I bend... Remember when that was the rage?! I think I got a pedometer in a happy-meal once?! All I feel like I'm doing all day long is bending over...... bending over to pick up a toy... or food Ceej has thrown on the floor... a child... putting laundry in, taking laundry out... etc etc. I swear I bend over 300 times a day. And you might think I'm exaggerating... but I'm not... unless its a day I'm being particularly lazy and not picking up that is... somedays there are toys/food/shoes all over the place and I just let them stay for the day....

Here's the thing too... You're suppose to "bend at the knees" right? Not at the waist. It's better for your back or whatever. So whenever I do try to bend at the knees..... MY KIDS ATTACK ME! They literally jump on my back, throw their arms around my neck and choke me! Sometimes I'm able to regain my balance w/o fallin on my rear, but most of the time I fall back onto them! Then they get all mad at me like its my fault I fell over on them... I blame JDub for this! He's the one always on the ground wrestling... What is it with boys and their wrestling and tackling? I don't get it!

But I'm starting to wonder if bending over constantly can be some form of exercise.... Remember back in the day at school when you'd do those one workouts... oh crap what are they called?! Where you bend over and put your hands on the ground... shift your weight and throw your legs back, then bring you legs back in and then to a bend and stand up again! Are they burpies?! Is that what they were called? That's what is coming to mind to me right now anyway. But they were a legit exercise right? I'm sure I have to suck in my gut while I'm bending over to really get something out of it. Maybe I'll try that for now.........

Oh and I totally just googled "burpie" and came up with "burpee" (thus the picture above). See he's bending at the knees like a good boy... I remember doing them touching my toes......... maybe they had to "upgrade" the burpee for those with bad backs?!

I did wear my new dress to that wedding this weekend!! It was a hit :) I'm glad I made it short cause WHOOO BUDDY it was a HOTT one!! (the AC broke at the reception... I think it was up to 90 degrees in there!!)

Thanks to all of you who came up to me and mentioned you read my blog :) It's fun to see/hear who's reading and that you like what you read. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bridesmaid dress re-make

So I've had this dress for 4 years now!!! I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding (I've only ever been a bridesmaid for my sisters.... and my sister in law... I've kinda always wondered why none of my friends ever asked me to be a bridesmaid... does that mean I'm not a good friend? I keep holding out that maybe one of my single friends will get hitched and I'll get picked... but I kinda doubt it... I don't know what's worse... NEVER getting picked or ALWAYS getting picked, JDub has been a bestman/groomsman about a dozen times.......)

Ok sorry for that random tangent... back on task!!
I really do love the color of this dress! At first I thought it was chiffon but then looking at the tag it's polyester! While I was at my sewing class I asked for some advice as to what type of thread and needle I might need to work with. Initially I just wanted to cut it short and hem it... They all looked at me like I was crazy!? Which yea maybe I am a little bit. But I haven't worn this thing since that wedding, so I figured what the hey.... I'll try my best :)

Then I saw this picture!!!

I mean how chic does little "Harry Potter" girl look?! Honestly I never got into the whole Harry Potter ordeal...... but Emma is super cute and poise! And it reminded me of the shirring I did on my LBD. So I went for it :) Not to mention no having to worry about it being straight with this look!!

First instead of leaving all that length I decided to cut some off. This dress has 3 layers... I figured I didn't want any bulk going on underneath like there was last time! I cut the 2 outer layers the same length, and kept them a little longer, right at the knee. Then I cut the 3rd and closest layer to my body a couple inches shorter.

the dress is inside out so you can see the difference :)

I had to re-hem all the pieces by kind of rolling the material over a few times... it was pretty wobbly but I figured it would get covered up anyway so no biggie.

new hem rolled and pinned

new hem complete, each layer looked like this

Then I sewed the outer 2 layers together and sewed that to the inner layer! (Are you confused?... its kind of hard to explain on here...) I left the 2 flaps on the front free... not knowing how they might look at first.

sewing 2 outer layers together

sewing all three together!

I like the short-ness of this "inspiration" dress. It's been so unbelievably hot this summer I couldn't think of anything else I'd want to wear to a summer wedding than a light-weight short number. But once I got going I went a bit too short!! JDub didn't approve so I had to take it out a couple times and redo the shirring :)

I did my same shirring technique from LBD.... hand-wound my bobbin in white elastic thread. Threaded my machine with the polyester blend, coral thread, and even changed the needle on my sewing machine to a "sharp" one... (Who knew you were suppose to change your sewing machine needle with every project you start? And that there are specific needles for specific types of thread/fabric?) That was a little something I learned from my sewing class :) Then set my machine to the longest stitch and highest thread tension! I shirred on the right side of the fabric, that's why I bought matching thread.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boo Netflix... I'm mad at you :(

I know most people don't like change.... I usually don't mind a little bit of it myself... but Netflix... you're killin' me! Why do you have to change a good thing? Ok, maybe I should take that back, you're not necessarily "changing" the plans... you're just jacking up the price for what I already have :(

When I first joined Netflix it was great! You could get unlimited DVD's out (one at a time, or 2 or even 3 if you wanted to pay more) every month. They had some stuff you could view online, on your computer, but it was pretty limited. Then came the instant viewing on your XBox. And that was great. I was liking the changes Netflix was doing. Now I could watch shows and certain movies on my big TV as well! And then it went downhill from there...

A few months ago they increased their rates... not only to new customers, but existing ones. They claimed they were offering more movies instantly and needed more cash for that... or whatever... I don't even think they claimed anything they were just like here starting next month your price will be this______! I wasn't that upset b/c it was only a couple of dollars a month. We could handle that.

JDub and I even bought each other a Roku for our anniversary so we could watch shows and movies on our TV upstairs too!

And then came the big blow....... Not only are they increasing their rates AGAIN, but they're splitting up their plans... While before I could get 1 DVD out a month (unlimited meaning as many times as I can watch it and get it back out in the mail to get a new one) and instant streaming to certain devices, now I can either stream... or get a DVD in the mail... not both. Oh well wait I could get both... for double the price...

So that leaves me here... wondering what to do..... I use the streaming more frequently and easily than the DVD's.... but not all movies are available instantly... I might just have to cut it down to streaming only...... and resort to REDBOX.... I just loved having them delivered to my house and not having to wait in line :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look what I can make!?!

Ok so thanks to my mom.......... I officially took my first sewing class?! They have a nice sewing center (Pine Needles Sewing) on the NE side of Cedar Rapids. My mom got me a gift certificate to take a class. I did the beginner class b/c the things I have been doing are just things I've taught myself... I don't know if there's really a "right" Or "wrong" way to sew... but I figured it wouldn't hurt to see how it would go!

Overall I'd say the class was good.... I did learn a few things... and look at this fabulous bag I made!!!!

My only complaint is it was the lady's first time teaching the class.... so that was a bit of a bummer. I mean the first time you do something is never the best time you do something. She was fine really, and very nice,, I shouldn't complain. There was one other lady in the class too. She brought her own machine... I just opted to use theirs b/c I figured it would be nicer than mine and OMG let me tell you it WAS nice... a little too nice after I found out the price tag (over $3000! can you believe?!). It was a Bernina... oh man in my dreams..... if I ever win the lottery or something (can't really do that when I never play.....) But yea it was beyond nice... it was incredible. It could do so many more cool things than mine... but then again I do have a sewing machine... it works perfectly fine. and well my sis isn't acting like she needs it back anytime soon so I'll keep using it!

I asked the lady if I could make the bag have a pocket before sewing it all together... and she looked at her watch and said ya... I don't think so... so that was a bit of a bummer too. I mean I can always add one later.. which I intend on doing. I just didn't want to have the seams on there! Oh well. It was still fun that's for sure. They have another class for making aprons and a zip-n-go tote! I might have to try those at some point too!

So on another note........ Bubba's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching! When I asked him if he wanted pirates or dinosaurs he said dino's! So I started researching and looking online for fun dinosaur stuff. I came across this fun blog with tutorials and all! And I made this with my scrap material from the bag!

Isn't he cute?! Here's the link to the tutorial that had the pattern for this cute dino :) Plush Dino

I'm really bummed out that I can't find these eyes anywhere else?! I got the last pair at Hancock fabrics today... Does anyone know where to find safety eyes?! Michael's didn't carry them either... I'm planning on making them as party favors... but that task might be a bit much!! His party is only weeks away?!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bribing and Threatening... works on kids AND adults!?

So some might think I'm a terrible mother for saying that bribery and threatening are some parenting techniques that I use... They might seem extreme, but I tell you they get results!

ME: If you finish all your peas and watermelon you can have pudding!!
Bubba: I can?
ME: Yessiree! Look your brother is already eating his pudding because he finished all of his...
Bubba: I don't want my peas... can I have pudding? Ceej is done with his pudding.... he doesn't want it can I have it?
ME: You can have it when you finish your peas and watermelon........
Bubba: But Ceej doesn't want it can I have it please?
ME: If you don't finish your peas and watermelon in 10 minutes I am going to eat the pudding.....
Bubba: (scarfing down his peas and watermelon......) Can I have the pudding now?

I guess you could call it motivation too... it works for nap-time and bedtime too...

ME: It's time for bed!
Bubba: But I don't want to go to bed?! (whimpering and crying....)
ME: You can either go straight to bed... or we can read stories! Which one would you prefer:
Bubba: Reading stories....

I really find that giving kids 2 choices that still result in what you need... seems to work!
1.You can either go potty by yourself... or 2. Mommy will come in there and sit you on the potty... Either way they're still going to the potty whether you have to help... or on their own. And most of the time around here my almost 3 year old wants to do it himself!

It kind of reminds me of a show I've been watching lately too.... CLEAN HOUSE! OMG its sooo awesome. We have it on our instant netflix (there will be another post soon about netflix... I'm not too happy at the moment...) and I've been watching it during the boys nap times :) Basically its like hoarders meets HGTV!

baker's rack a few years ago

baker's rack now

Here's my baker's rack... JDub LOATHES this thing still... I've tried to clear out the clutter but it just keeps coming back! I think if I could get some cute containers it could look really good......

Back to Clean House! These people have waaay too much "clutter" as they like to call it on the show. They come in.... make them have a huge yard sale, the proceeds they make from the sale go toward the renovating and decorating of the rooms that had all the clutter! They usually pick around 3 rooms in each house. But it is so funny the stuff these people want to hold on to. I mean I am a clothes horse, I totally admit it. I have way more clothes than JDub. I have maternity clothes... my in-between clothes (before and after baby when I hadn't shed all the "baby weight") I have my lounge wear, work-out wear, dressy clothes (from when I worked at an office) dresses for weddings... its alot. And now that I've started my re-fashioning I want to hold onto things even more! But some of these people still have tags on stuff.... they've been buried under piles of stuff for years and yet they want to hold on to it! If they would clean up my house and make it all nice and new I'd be piling up all sorts of stuff to get rid of! JDub said there's no way I could sign us up for one of those shows though..... he's such a party-pooper!

What the show ends up doing it bribing them!! They say "OK!.... if you get rid of 2 pieces of clothing for every 1 that you keep.......... we'll gift you new bedroom furniture?!" Most of these people haven't slept in their own bed for years b/c of all the clutter..... or their spouse is sleeping in a different room cause there is no room for them! You'd think it would be a no-brainer but they fight it til the end. They finally give in though. Its always worth it too.

Now while I don't think I have that much clutter...... I know there's plenty I could get rid of. So that's what I've been doing?! I've cleaned out the office a little bit, and some random clothes I have stuffed in closets around the house (yes my clothes are in not only in my room but also the boys' rooms, the hall closet, and in storage!?) and some old books... So far here's my nice stash going to goodwill at some point!
Now if only I had some sort of reward for my efforts.... j/k! Donating to Goodwill is a good cause :) After all most of this stuff has been sitting around for years.... Hopefully someone will put it to good use.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

baseball t-shirt

I love men's baseball t-shirts. JDub has one and he looks too cute in it! That's why when I saw the cute "Little cyclone" one at a garage sale a couple years back I just had to buy it! You'll see along with that shirt I have a couple other t-shirts in the background...

Well these shirts are shirts I don't really wear anymore. The cute puppy one has yucky pit-stains... and the red one is too large.. So I thought I'd try to make my own baseball t-shirt for the boys to wear!

First thing was seam-ripping the collar off the red shirt...

Then I set the "little cyclone" shirt on top of the dog shirt, lined up the writing as best I could, and traced and cut it out. I did both the front and the back at the same time :)

Then it came time for the sleeves. First I again laid the "little cyclone" shirt on top of the red one. I don't like having to do hems... I have issues, so instead of having to do more sewing than necessary, I laid it along the side of the shirt and had the bottom hem turn into the ends of the sleeves... after I traced the one I flipped it and did it along the other side of the red shirt too.

Waking to the sounds of.... everything?

I sleep with a white noise machine every night. I am quite possibly the lightest sleeper in the world. I wake up to the slightest noise. Whether its Mango jumping over our child-gate in the kitchen.... a motorcycle driving by outside... or children crying in the night... (or a beeping smoke detector!!) So when I woke up to the sounds of... well everything yesterday morning I was a bit disoriented.

The power was out.

Gotta love waking up bright and early and realizing you have no power. JDub was in the shower... I could hear the water running... Ceej was beginning to wake in his room as well. Bubba, who is also a light sleeper, always has a fan running in his room at night to drown out the noise... but of course his fan wasn't on either. So there it was, Monday morning, no power, 6:30 am, and I have to deal with it. We get in a routine around this house... Wake up, preferably at 7:00........ get Bubba his milk, turn on the TV and watch cartoons for 30-45 minutes... This time is really for me to wake up, start my day. But that didn't happen yesterday...... no power = no TV. Having a power outage is really hard for an almost 3 year old to understand. "Can we watch TV Mommy?" I heard that too many times to count yesterday. We couldn't even go downstairs to cool off b/c its soo dark down there w/o lights.

We managed though... It was kind of nice in a way. Back to the basics for play! I did however have to call in reinforcements from my friendly neighbor across the street. Oh yes... they had power over there! I called around 9:30 and said "I am in desperate need... do you have any coffee?!" Thank goodness she did.. she even made me my own special pot! I really do need to send her a thank you... I was dragging bad and needed it :)

JDub brought us lunch... mainly b/c I had already opened the fridge a few times to get milk/juice for the boys and didnt' want to ruin the $100 I just dropped at the store! Then around 2:30 we all took naps...even Mommy! The power finally returned around 4:30 pm...  Last night I even started my new sewing project!! Recycling at its best. I have to finish up a little more sewing and then I should be able to post about it later today.

All in all my Monday was off to a rough start... but it turned out ok by the end!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old navy tank--Take 2!

I am soo pumped about this refashion! I got to use that awesome shirring technique again :)

As you might recall I had 3 old navy tank tops... well honestly I have waaay more than 3..... but in this case I am referring to 3 identical tanks and my gray one was already re-done. So I could have sworn I took a before photo.... but I cannot find it!! And I'm getting sleepy so here it is in gray... just pretend its blue please!
First I turned the shirt inside out, cut the straps, criss-crossed them, pinned and sewed!
Then I turned my shirt right-side-out and used some chalk to make some lines. I just drew 2 lines, an inch apart.

Then got my handy elastic thread, hand-wound it onto the bobbin and put it into the machine. Then I threaded the machine with navy blue thread and set the tension to the highest setting (a 9 on my machine), and to the longest stitch as well...

Then I got to sewing! I did the line closest to the edge of the shirt first, and make sure you have the shirt turned the right side out... you want the blue thread to be on the outside and the elastic thread to be on the inside of the shirt. Once that row was complete, I did another row in the middle of my 2 chalk lines... and then a third row on the other chalk line! The shirt starts to bunch up a little, but you can just stretch it out while sewing so you don't have any lumps.

Here's the fun part about this shirt.......... you can wear it 2 different ways?! Here's the first.......

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pepsi plaque

So I am not the biggest fan of Pepsi... I actually prefer Coke myself! But JDub loves the stuff. I'm pretty sure if he could setup an IV drip of Pepsi he would! I don't remember where I acquired this sweatshirt, but it has seen better days. Here she is before....

As you can see the ends are fraying and getting all holey! I have quite a few sweatshirts anyway... so I figured I could lose this one! I took an old frame I had laying around... I'm pretty sure I've had this one for 5 years....

I took the glass and laid it on top of the sweatshirt and traced around the edges with one of those fabric markers that disappear after a while....... I also had to rip out the seams of the pocket on the front to make enough room. And I also cut a little bit off the line so make sure there was enough fabric.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Made in the 80's

So I don't remember exactly where I got this shirt... I do believe it was back in high school. Of course I love the 80's.... I mean that's when I was born, making the world a better place for all. Ha! J/k!!! But yea here's the before shot, it was a little on the tight and short-side. I for one have loved this new trend of long and lean shirts... the longer... THE BETTER. I can't stand wearing shirts that graze my waistline. I much prefer having that tum and a little of the rear-end covered :)
I had this black tank top in the "goodwill" pile b/c it was also on the short side... I don't need any cami's just grazing my waistline either! But then I thought I could use the material to make this shirt longer....

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