Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seamstress? who knew?!

Ok so I've dabbled in sewing a little bit over the years.... as mentioned... I made Bubba's 1st official halloween costume..... (a candy corn)
I even helped make my beloved t-shirt quilt (with help from my mom!!). We cut and sewed all the squares and black material in between... I left the batting, backing, and quilting part to a professional...

So when I got wind of this website.... I thought hey maybe I can do that?.... If you haven't checked this girl out you really should. It is pretty amazing what she can do with a little TLC.

So I decided to try out my skills the other day! I wish I would have taken more pics along the way... I started cutting and then thought, OH wait maybe I should document this! So yea.. Anyway I got this shirt when I was still working in health insurance. An XL... what am I gonna do with that right? I mean JDub's smaller than I am...and I was swimming in the thing.

I cut up the sides of it also cutting off the sleeves. I still wanted sleeves but knew I'd have to adjust them b/c they were pretty big! After that I ended up cutting the sleeves to size (w/o measuring..) and pinning them back onto the shirt and sewing them on. Then I gathered the sides with pins along with the edges of the sleeves and sewed those as well.... I really should cut off some of the length.. and well the shirt is a bit tight at the bottom I guess I should have tried to make it less of a straight cut and have it taper out at the bottom... but at least I know now for future reference... for my first try I'm pretty happy with it!

What do you think?!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Doggy doo is a big Don't!

I like dogs... don't get me wrong! They're cute, fun to play with, and nice to snuggle too... but when you don't have a dog you shouldn't have to worry about dog poop in your yard... right?! Well you'd think so anyway. But not if you live at my address! It is sooo frustrating. I am about ready to set up a video camera to catch the culprits. OK I'm sorry, but isn't it proper etiquette to clean up after your own dog has done its business... especially if it is in someone else's yard?!

I know, I know... you're thinking "its probably your neighbors..." Well I know for sure its not my next door neighbors... One has a toy poodle... and the poop in my yard is way too big to be hers... and also I've seen the owner specifically come and pick up her poo when she did one time.... and Two... the other neighbor barely even lets their dog out ever! And when he does its always on a leash thing in the back yard.

My neighbors across the yard... God bless them they are wonderful people... but they are busy-bodies! I am about ready to ask if they've seen any dogs going in my yard... or seen who's walking their dogs and letting them! If anyone knows it would be them...

Have you seen these signs... or a variation anyway...?
I think they're pretty tacky... but it is getting ridiculous around here. When I'm raking leaves or out playing with my boys I don't think about watching out for dog poop b/c I DONT HAVE A FREAKING DOG! So I'm getting upset when I almost step in it... or see Bubba about to step in it... its really not cool. I might have to invest in one and see if it works to make people be more responsible.....

Friday, November 12, 2010


Bubba takes the LONGEST time to eat.... every meal... 3 times a day.... and it drives me crazy?! I've tried bribing him with candy if he hurries.... I've tried setting a timer and making him finish by a certain point... I've tried leaving the room and just playing with Ceej until he finishes... nothing seems to be working. It is ridiculous... If you try looking up online about speeding up your ridiculously slow eater they just tell you to calm down... because its "good" for you to eat slow... you digest your food better and don't eat as much blah blah blah!

The other day he literally took 2 hours to eat half a banana and a bowl of oatmeal.. It would have taken him longer too if I hadn't gone over constantly to tell him to eat a bite. Or just shoving a bite of food in his mouth myself! OMG it is just so frustrating. Three times a day I have to deal with him and I'm really getting warn down by it. All he wants to do is talk... or sing songs, or ask me what I'm doing every five seconds. I've tried being nice... and I've tried yelling and being mean (yes I know it was a dumb idea but I just couldn't take it one day!). Oh and don't even get me started on how many times he has to get up and pee during a meal either... Ok ok.. I know that I don't have a life. Or at least my life is to stay at home and raise these boys... but I didn't think I was going to have to spend 6-7 hours in the kitchen a day waiting for my oldest to eat.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Deal!

Who doesn't love a good deal right? I love getting compliments on something and then saying "oh thanks... I got this shirt from Wal-Mart for $7!" JDub and I (and the little boogers too) went shopping at Target last night. It was one of those trips where JDub said he needed something for his new Droid phone..(don't even get me started on that thing......) and he had already looked online at Wal-Mart and they didn't have what he needed... or at least he didn't think they did. So we made the treck across town. No biggie really. I had a few grocery items I knew I needed so I mainly looked for those. He didn't end up finding what he wanted either...

And then there was the clearance Halloween aisle!!! It looked like a lot of stuff at first... but it turned out to mostly be pet costumes! Dog ones really. They kinda made me wish I had a dog to dress up! But I picked through and ended up finding a scally-wag pirate kid costume! It was a shirt, pants, belt, bandana, and skull and cross-bones sticker... all for $.70! Oh yea baby! I mean I'd still like to get a sword, eye-patch, maybe even pirate hat.... wouldn't mind a cute little pirate to sit on his shoulder either! But yea... at least I have a good start for next year's costume.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I want what I paid for....

I like brand name things... not in everything I buy... but certain things.. Take Lay's Potato Chips for example. They are just sooo yummy. If you buy the off-brand they just aren't as good. So one time when I opened up my bag of Lay's to enjoy some chips and found them burnt to a crisp... Yea... I was a little upset. See normally I'm very happy with my purchase. So I did what any decent person would do... I called and complained! JDub thinks I just like getting free stuff. But honestly who doesn't like getting free stuff? And its not like I'm playing the system or something. In instances like that I feel like they should know I wasn't a satisfied customer ya know? A week or so later I got some coupons in the mail to get a free bag of chips and even some other coupons for $1.00 off my next purchase and what not too.

Being a breast-feeding mother, keeping my extra milk stored properly is pretty important. When I'm not home and Ceej needs some milk I want to make sure there is some on hand. So recently when I was storing the extra milk in some of those Lansinoh bags I noticed it was leaking out everywhere! This was NOT cool. I mean it takes a lot of time and effort to pump out that milk only to have it go to waste. So again.... I emailed and let them know their product was failing! They again did what any decent company would do for a consumer... they sent me replacement bags!

Bubba thinks he has to have popcorn any time we watch a movie these days.... I guess it could be worse so I usually let him (and myself) indulge. I had bought some Orville Redenbacher kettle corn so we've been eating that. Once again... it wasn't up to my standards the other day... Somehow one of the kernals had burnt a whole in the bag which meant only half of the kernals actually popped into popcorn. I kept the bag on top of the counter b/c when I got a second I was going to call and complain....... but somehow it got thrown away! JDub had ruined my plan... oh well I guess its not the end of the world, but I wanted them to know it was faulty! Call me crazy I guess....

Just for fun!

Here's my manicure I gave myself :) I have to say I was pretty impressed, usually I'm not able to paint the fingernails on my right hand that well. I think my thumb nail was my favorite :)

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