Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sometimes Brand Names are worth the extra cost....

I am usually ALL about being cheap... I mean a family of four with one income and diapers coming out of ears.... yea I need to be frugal sometimes. This is why we don't have cable.... we don't go out much.... and we have alot of used furniture and clothes. I love hand me downs from cousins!!! (thank you :) )

But sometimes once you try something... you just can't go back to the cheap stuff! You know what I'm talking about right? Like Simply Orange Juice! It is the BEST BEST orange juice I have ever tasted! Yea... I grew up on that nasty frozen concentrate stuff you add water to and stir.. my grandmother still gets the strainer out for me when I am there for breakfast! Yes, I use to be picky... I didn't like the pulp, but I can deal with it now! I just choose not to! And I can't bring myself to buy the icky orange juice b/c it just isn't as good. Simply Orange Juice is simply THE BEST. If you haven't tried it, you really should! Well wait maybe you shouldn't b/c you'll be like me and not want to drink any other orange juice!

And then there's Oreos...... I mean who doesn't love Oreos right? I know I do! I just about have one every day......(while hiding in my pantry away from Bubba) But the thing is I can't just buy regular Oreos. I have to buy the Double stuffed Oreos. I mean more creme filling?! Yes please! And if you go back to the regular, they just don't taste that great... they're not terrible or anything... but they're no Double Stuff!

Peanut butter is awesome. Its good on celery........ toast......apples.... pb and jelly or pb and banana sandwiches. I really feel sorry for people who are allergic to nuts. That really sucks for you. I don't necessarily have to have a certain brand of peanut butter. I mean I can do Jiffy... or Peter Pan... but the off-brand? Like the store brand?! YUCK! The texture and consistency are just not the same. At least not to me. So yea... apparently choosy moms' do choose Jiff... or however that goes.

I was never a big fan of yogurt. I remember when I was younger and had some sort of virus... the doctor prescribed a tablespoon of yogurt ever hour or some crap like that. I thought I was going to die! Yes, I was (or maybe still am?) a little dramatic... but yogurt just grossed me out... whether it was the taste or texture... I dunno. But I did not care for it. But as I grew up... I tried more and more yogurt... mostly b/c its healthy and they have some decent flavors now. But once I tried the Dannon Light and Fit.. I just can't go back to anything else! I know it has splenda, which in general I try to avoid, but its small amounts right?

I've always liked coffee. My mom said I even drank it when I was little! But I usually need lots of cream and lots of sugar. Once I discovered Dunkin Donuts coffee though.... I just need sugar. Its THAT good! Sure I can drink other coffees.... but at home when I brew my own, I prefer Dunkin Donuts. It makes me sad we don't have a Dunkin Donuts around here anymore... but at least they have their yummy coffee available in grocery stores!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Old Cold...

Have you ever passed out? I have completely passed a few times in my life.... but had some close calls numerous times as well. Its a strange feeling. I remember the first time I passed out...... I was in high school... at my parents house. JDub and I were dating then... I started feeling funny. It was late and time for JDub to leave... he was talking but I can't honestly remember what he was saying b/c I was hearing this whooshing/whirring sound and he sounded all mumbled and quiet. Everything I could see was starting to get blotchy and go black.... just as I shut the door after he left... BAM! I was on the floor. It was so weird. I have no idea how long I was out.... and if I hit the door on my way down or what.

I'm one of those people who gets light-headed pretty easy. If I find myself this way I know I need to sit down, get some sugar... and maybe even a cold cloth on the back of my neck. I'm especially bad when I'm pregnant! From now on I am refusing to see the dentist whenever I'm pregnant (ok....IF I get pregnant again...) For some strange reason, whenever I get in that chair, after a while, I start to feel woozy! Once again things start going black and soon I can't hear the people around me. At least I've felt this feeling before though........So I'm able to warn them. It happened with both my pregnancies! I had to say STOP! I THINK I'M GOING TO PASS OUT! Then of course they're freaking out.... putting me on oxygen... getting me something sugary to drink. It's quite embarrassing. I'm usually drenched in sweat by the end of it... but thankfully I didn't totally go limp either time.

Then there was the time I was donating plasma....... yep... for those of you who have done this before, you know the rooms are packed full of on-lookers. It was terrible. I did the "Um... excuse me... I'm sorry but I think I'm going to pass out!" Which turns into chaos! The workers ran over...started fanning me down... they put cold compresses on my neck... people stared... SOOO embarrassed yet again. I stopped donating shortly after that for fear of it happening again!

Its kind of funny when you see people pass out..... like on TV.. JDub almost did at the birth of Baby! He'll probably deny it.... but when I was getting that epidural (totally recommended by the way :) ) he went all yellow......... But its no fun when its happening to you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random thoughts.....

Do you think Adam and Eve really had belly-buttons? I mean its not like they were ever attached to a mother by an umbilical cord... Yet for some reason they're always drawn that way.
Why do men have nipples? Is there really a point? At least for women they're functional.
In general I taste the food my children eat... I'd hate to make them eat something that's nasty... but try your own breast milk? .... just can't bring myself to do it!
I must have the sense of humor of a 5 year old... cause I still find farts hilarious.... I remember this time in college when I was in a half hour abs workout class and this girl let one rip. OH man I could NOT stop laughing.... the more I tried not to laugh... the harder I laughed. Fart jokes in movies... I'm always the one laughing...  I just can't help it..
It sucks when JDub's gone for work... I miss him, but I wonder if I really "miss" him... or just miss having another set of hands around the house to help... or another adult to watch the kids while I have some time to myself....
Some days I really think I'm developing early-onset Alzheimer's disease. I'm constantly walking into a room not remembering why I came there in the first place. I can't remember what day it is sometimes... or if I've even brushed my teeth yet... Even in the shower I'll forget where I'm at... like have I already washed my face? The other day I only shaved one armpit....
The season premiere of Parenthood is on tonight!!! Whoo HOo!!! I just love Lauren Graham :)
Sometimes I hide in the pantry or around corners to eat my cookies or candy just so I don't have to share them with my 2 year old....
I really do enjoy Lady Gaga's music.... and so does Bubba... he requests Alejandro all the time in the car.
I hate going to the store with both kids these days.... Baby can't quite sit up on his own... so I end up having him strapped to my chest in one of those carriers... and then Bubba's in the cart. People stare... I can't tell if its cause they think my kids are cute... or they're staring b/c they feel sorry for me..... it definitely feels like the latter of the two
I love Halloween! I know the background of the reason we celebrate it isn't so hot... but its so fun to dress up the kids and see the trick-or-treaters. JDub hates it... which really bums me out. I would love to have a themed Halloween party... like dress up as your favorite _________. Or even just have a toga party... but would anyone want to come to that?
Is it sad that I'm really excited for the new season's of my favorite TV shows? I'm really bummed that I wont get to watch some of them b/c they're not appropriate for Bubba. He's waaaay too perceptive. I am not a morning person... but I might just have to become one so I can put him to bed earlier and watch my shows at night.
I can't wait to wear my Snuggie and drink hot tea around the house (Lipton's Orange Spice preferably) once it gets cold out! That's the only good thing about winter... oh and I'm definitely making a snow man this year!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ain't Technology Great?!

For the most part.. I LOVE technology. I mean remember when the internet first came out!!? I was obsessed. All I did was sit in front of that computer in my parents kitchen and chat ALL the time with friends. There was this thing I would go on after school too... Gosh I just can't think of the name of it right now... but it was awesome! You could play pictionary with other people from all over! You'd sit there and wait for the other players to start drawing and then you'd guess! I'd have to say I was pretty good at it... some people would get mad at me and leave the "room" I was in b/c they didn't like losing. And then you'd have a chance to draw too. It was cool.

And cell phones... its a wonder we lived w/o them for so long! You know how I feel about my Instant Netflix on XBox too (LOVE IT!!!). Mp3 players are also pretty sweet... I'm not cool like everyone else, I don't have an IPod... but its all good. I'm not gonna lie... I kinda wish I had a Kindle too! I mean not having to go to the library and pick out books... or wait on a waiting list FOREVER. Or even go to a bookstore! You can just download it! Too cool... So yea for the most part I'd say I Heart Technology...

UNTIL THIS..........

Ok yea I know this is a terrible pic... but this is a mobile speed trap that's hanging around the area... Ok seriously I do not get out much... I'll admit I'm a hermit crab (and will probably be even worse when it gets cold around here...) but of course the one day I do get out, I just go flying by this thing! I was too busy responding to the 15 million questions Bubba asks these days that I didn't even notice it! Then all of a sudden it clicks and I'm like ahhhh crap! I debated whether or not to tell JDub.... so I just told him when we were laying in bed trying to go to sleep. See usually I'll talk to him about something that pops into my head b/c it's hard to have an adult conversation around the house. Bubba's always "What doing Mommy?" or "I need gummy worms!" interrupting whenever we try to talk so its hard to remember what was actually discussed. I thought this would be a good time to tell him also b/c he tends to fall asleep and not remember some of the things I tell him. So.... I thought I could play the "I told you that!" card if in fact we get a ticket here in the mail. But turns out he WAS listening and knows. The ONE time I would want him to be asleep and not remember he's awake... go figure. I rarely enter contests or gamble for this exact reason... I am not a "lucky" person.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Can't live w/o it

Isn't it amazing the things people use to live without? I find it hard to believe... but somehow people managed to live without things like air conditioning! This month has been especially hot... and while I know I could survive w/o it... I dont think my kids could. Bubba for sure needs a haircut. And he instantly sweats when its this hot b/c of it. But he just looks so darn cute! I get several compliments for his cute curls so for now... we'll just sit inside with the air conditioning!!!

I for one hate doing the dishes... it is soo annoying! All I feel like I do is stand in front of that sink scrubbing and rinsing. I can't imagine how much longer I would have to stand there if it weren't for that wonderful invention.... the automatic dishwasher! My neighbor says she never uses hers... and that just baffles my mind!? Who in there right mind would want to spend extra time hand washing and drying dishes all the time? Not me... Now I swear I have to "wash" the dishes before I actually put them in the dishwasher... but still...


So yea I wrote that first half a while back... and then lo and behold... my dishwasher is acting up! Its leaving a nice white residue all over the dishes... I have to take them and soak them in vinegar just to get that off... and then handwash them. Double duty if you ask me. We've tried looking at the water softener.. which apparently did have a bit of a clog in it.. but the dishwasher is still not right. We tried running a load with vinegar in there, but apparently that damages the dishwasher (if the thing doesn't work anyway... does it really matter?) And now we're going to try some different detergent... who knows if this attempt with fail too. I HATE hand-washing dishes. I have enough crap to clean up as is... do I really need to do this too? I swear JDub just uses every dish known to man too! Does he ever hand-wash the dishes? um NO. So while I'm over here using paper plates and washing my one dish I used in the morning to reuse at lunch and then wash again for dinner... his dishes are just piling up...

Please let this new dish soap work! I feel like all I do is stand in front of the kitchen sink all day long... Bubba's going to start asking where Mommy is and automatically go there to find me.....


I love movies!!! That's why I love Netflix sooo much too... Here are a list of movies I think everyone should see. They aren't necessarily my favorites of all time... but they are some of my favorites that I can think of right now. Some are funny, some are intense! and well some just have hot guys in them too. Here are some movies I've enjoyed watching and would watch more than once!

-Date Night
-She's out of my League
-National Treasure
-The Proposal
-She's the Man
-Batman Begins
-The Crazies
-The Blind Side
-Inglorious Basterds
-Star Trek (the newest one)

seriously you should see them.. they're enjoyable!!!

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