Monday, August 30, 2010

All about Bubba

I CANNOT believe my little guy, Bubba, is 2. It is just INSANE to me! Time really flies. It seems like just yesterday I was watching him roll over for the first time... but now he's a big boy! He's been using the potty everyday (sometimes w/o accidents). For the most part he feeds himself... and picks out his clothes for the day. He lets me know when he's hungry and what he wants to eat (most of the time is CANDY he's screaming for...) He's a good boy too.

When I asked what he wanted for his birthday he replied "Thomas GAMOONS..." aka balloons with Thomas the Tank Engine on them. So I decided to have a little Thomas party for his 2nd birthday. We acquired a small ball pit from a friend, JDub blew up water balloons, and we had our slide in the back too. Everything was a hit! His guests enjoyed the ball pit too... and a few people got wet but it was all good. He was a good boy; sharing everything up until the end when it came close to bed-time. He made sure to say "tank you" to everyone... even before he opened their presents sometimes!

And the most amazing thing yet?! The hours upon hours of watching "Elmo Potty Time" has finally paid off!!! Bubba had been enjoying running around the house naked... and doing the naked dance (don't worry we caught that one on video for blackmail... I mean enjoyment later ). Sure he had a few accidents while naked... its to be expected. But after purchasing Elmo big-kid-underpants he wanted to wear them! So the day before his 2nd birthday.... he demanded to wear Elmo. We woke up that morning and put them on. I made sure to tell him that Elmo doesn't like it when you pee or poop in him... so if he had to go he needed to tell Mommy and we could hurry to the potty.

Well I think we went through all 7 pair that came in that pack the first day! But that's ok. He freaked the first time he started peeing in them. He cried and cried... he was upset b/c he didn't want Elmo to be mad that he peed on him! But I assured him that Elmo would forgive him... and just like on the video... Elmo and Grover said "accidents happen... and its ok..." He does wondefully with me when it comes to going to the potty. He'll even tell me when he has to go sometimes! Most of the time I see him grabbing himself and ask if he needs to go and then we go even if he doesn't feel like it. He's getting better at going with JDub too so that's nice. I just hope he can get the hang of it and get help from other relatives... He manages to stay dry during naps... but we still have him in pull-ups at night (sometimes they're dry... and then some days they're wet). But all in all it is a wonderful thing! As much as watching "Elmo Potty Time" drove me crazy... I think it really did help. I can remind him about the things they teach in the video... like using toilet paper (but only a little bit), flushing, washing your hands... etc. I know I'm still spending alot of time in the bathroom these days... but at least 7/10 times he actually does go!!

We had his 2 year checkup last week. The doctor was a little shocked when I told her we'd been using the potty... She thought it was a bit early for a boy. But honestly he was showing the signs... wanting to use the potty.... telling me he needed a new diaper... staying dry during nap-time and even some nights.... and wanting to wear underwear. And I'm glad I did it. Since we spend most of our days at home we haven't really had too many accidents... I am getting more worried about when MOPS starts back up, and being in nursery at church... but time will tell. I know it's not the end of the world if he does have an accident... But I really am proud of him. (And myself for being patient...)

The next step is to get him to use his own potty... I just bought a Baby Bjorn potty chair (so I dont have to worry about him falling off our toilet and getting hurt... its happened...). So lets hope he wants to use that and then he'll be able to sit on it himself!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

sooo annoying!

So I happen to be one of those people who get very annoyed by things... its really a terrible burden. I can't get through the day w/o being annoyed by something. Most of the time its Bubba who's driving me crazy... sometimes Mango likes to get in on it too... Sometimes it feels like its JDub's job to annoy me... and then there's the most annoying thing yet....

Hairs?! Yes I'm talking about hair being the most annoying thing to me lately. Not the hair on my head... well technically its hair that use to be on my head. I swear I shed like a dog! I am constantly finding hairs all over me. And summertime is the worst. It annoys me even more b/c I'm usually wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts and there always seems to be a hair tickling my arm, my back, my neck, my chest... doesn't matter where... and then its impossible to find! If you ever see me examining myself... hair is most likely the culprit.

If you're an aquaintence (or sometimes stranger....) and you have a stray hair on your clothes... I am likely to pick it off your sweater as well. I can't even listen to what you're saying half the time if you have hair on you... I'll just stare and stare until finally I pick it off... I know its weird..

And then there's when I'm in the shower. You would not believe the amount of hair that comes off my head when I'm in the shower! And then they're stuck to my legs when I'm trying to shave... ugh.... hair you drive me crazy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Self-less...or selfish.....

There are certain times in my life when I consider myself to be a self-less person... Most of the time this is when it comes to my children! I think I've mentioned I will forego showering b/c there's just no time.... I will not get online or watch the TV shows I wish I could b/c I'd rather be going for a walk, or reading to Bubba. I will skip the opportunity during the day to do my workout b/c I'd much rather snuggle with Baby while he sleeps in my arms....

JDub and I have given up a lot since we started our family. We knew we'd have to make these sacrifices (no cable tv.... less eating out... no or minimal vacations.... buying ice cream instead of "going out for ice-cream".... turning down invites to concerts... or trips out to the bar... etc) I really don't mind giving these things up most of the time. But there are those times when I'm jealous of the friends and family who seem to go and do whatever they please!!!

And then there are times when I'm a little selfish... JDub doesn't have too many hobbies... He works on the house alot, and plays video games on the XBox here and there. Now he comes home and tells me he's joining a Fantasy Football League?! Ugh... Instead of being happy for him to get involved in something with guys from his work, I think "great.... how much time will this take out of the time he spends with me or the kids?!" I know... its terrible. How self-centered am I?! I even said "So this time you'll spend on the internet making your teams or whatever it is you do..... will this come out of the time you spend looking at Trucks online every night?" Sometimes I just can't help myself. JDub is such a wonderful husband and father to our boys.... I need to stop being so mean and let him have a little fun just for himself.... so say a little prayer for me to be more supportive. I can always take that time to have a little "Me" time myself right?

It's human nature to be the jealous type right? I wouldn't say I'm jealous all the time... but it does flare up now and again. Lately I've been mowing the lawn, not b/c JDub wouldn't do it... but b/c I'm jealous of the alone time he would get if he were to do it?! Being a stay-at-home-mom is a 24/7 job. With rare down time... Kids are always needing a new diaper (Please let Bubba take an interest in potty-training again soon!!) or something to eat. They crave your attention and involvement. But they can sure make you laugh and want to show them off too :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what you do in your sleep.....

I've kind of always wanted to video tape myself while I sleep... Have you? Some mornings I wake up and I have no covers.... this I believe is b/c JDub is a sheet stealer! He's always hoarding the blankets.. He sleeps in the fetal position half the time with the covers all up around his neck. I can't stand that! I feel like I'm going to suffocate if they're all up around my neck the way he likes them. Unless its winter and I'm freezing... But honestly I wake up every day and my pillowcase is half off the pillow. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! What in the world am I doing in my sleep to cause my pillowcase to come off?! I can't figure it out..

Sometimes the sheet will even slip off the mattress on my side. Its all good when I go to bed. I usually even straighten everything out and pull the fitted sheet down more... and yet its almost coming off the bed by morning. I dont' know why... but this doesn't happen whenever I have Baby sleeping with me. Sometimes if its been a rough night I'll pull him into bed with me...  or if we're all taking an afternoon nap I'll just have him sleep in bed with me b/c he never sleeps as long as Bubba does. I always wake up in the exact same position that I fell asleep. I wonder why that is? Maybe its some sub-conscious thing cause I know I don't want to squish my baby.... I know you're not suppose to sleep with infants... but I just know deep down I could never hurt him.... and I'm not drinking or anything so its not like I'm out of it.

I get a kick out of watching my two sons sleep sometimes... so if might be funny to watch myself!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buyers beware of Chicco brand car seats!

When it came time for us to buy a carseat over 2 years ago.... JDub did a lot of research. He is soo good about that. He has the patience... and apparently time... to do that sort of thing. So when he came up and said he thought the Chicco brand travel system (a carseat, base, and stroller combined) was the best buy.. I said lets go for it! I even recommended it to friends. It had high safety ratings and good ratings from people in general. I really liked it too! I still notice other families have the same exact one when we're out and about and its 2 years old! So yea... you might have noticed how I said LIKED and not LIKE...... yea well while we were on the choir trip, which Baby came along on.... he developed this terrible rash on his little elbows! I couldn't figure out for the life of me what it was from. He was in the car seat alot b/c we were traveling alot.

TURNS OUT IT WAS THE CAR SEAT! Can you believe that? Little did we know Chicco brand carseats have been giving poor little babies rashes for a while now.... Apparently it is the fire-retardant part of the fabric... mixed with baby sweat... I dunno. But I felt soo bad. And well its not like you can just go somewhere w/o a carseat! So that was a bit of a bummer.. for a while there I ghetto-rigged a pillow case over top of the fabric, cut holes for the straps and buckles to keep his little arms from rubbing up on the fabric. And now we've purchased a cover from nomie brand. So far so good! The rash is soooo much better. His poor little elbows are a little dry still... but he just moves those arms around so much I dont think they've had time to heal all the way! Anyway. The cover is really nice. And it definately beat having to buy a whole new car seat! The only problem is now I'm not sure if we'll be able to use the stroller since its the same fabric... right now we can still click the car seat into the stroller and use it that way.. and well we can lay a blanket down too. But yea that totally sucks. So beware if you're in the market for a car seat...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's all go to the movies...

Bubba had his first movie experience this week! The local cheap theater (movies are ususally $3 a pop) has a promotion going on this summer. Free kids movies (kids 17and under are free, adults $1) Monday thru Thursday at 10:00 all summer long! This week was Monsters vs. Aliens. I had been wanting to go all summer but didn't really have the chance until this week. My grandmother is in town from Tennessee to see Baby for the first time :). She's loving him and his red hair of course (she's a red-head as well!). So I convinced her and my mom to come along and take the kids. Baby was wonderful... he just watched the movie/slept the whole time. Bubba on the other hand didn't make it through the whole thing........ but he was pretty good for about an hour of it!

It was quite the production! They really went all out at the theater. Sparkles the Clown was there scaring... I mean "entertaining" before the movie. They had kid packs with popcorn and candy. I think Bubba was more excited about eating popcorn than actually watching the movie! Of course I made the mistake of letting him get a big container of apple juice... I thought if I held it while he drank we'd be ok. Yea well we were until he started fussing and saying "I DO IT!" Which in turn led him to spill apple juice all over his shirt... that was about the same time we had to leave and go out into the lobby...  I should have known it was going to be packed when we showed up and there were two school buses parked in the lot! There were 4 theaters all full of kids! It was pretty insane. It was fun though. And I'm glad he was able to experience it. We might have to try again before summers over... if I can recruit some help again!

On another note, Baby rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time this week!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream

Please sing the following to the tune of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Mis!

There was a time when I would sleep
When no screams or cries
would wake my slumber
There was a time when I would unwind
And I'd relax
Resting was so amazing
There was a time
then it all was lost.....

I Dreamed a Dream in time gone by
when everyone could speak
and use the potty
I dreamed that I'd never get so annoyed
I dreamed that burp rags were a plenty
Then I was clueless and well rested
And dishes were used, washed and put away
There were no diapers to be changed
No tantrums thrown, no food wasted

But the children come all day
with their whining soft as thunder
as they tear your world apart
your dream's faint and far away

We use to be cool and much less lame
we'd see friends and go out after twilight
I use to be known by my first name!
But "Mommy" is all I am right now
And still I dream for time to read
And money to go on vacation
But there are purchases we can't forsee
And there are dreams that are not useful

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this one I'm living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has tainted the dream I dreamed

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