Monday, July 26, 2010


Whooo what a long weekend and week this is going to be!!! We had our mini-tour for choir this past weekend. It was lots of fun. Here's some pics of the places we performed!!

I'd have to say my favorite was singing at the Sinsinawa Mounds in Sinsinawa, WI. I believe the average age of our audience was 70! Lol. And most of them were nuns. It was pretty cool. They were so appreciative of us being there and performing for them. And they were just too cute!

Baby was such a good boy the whole time... and thanks again to my mom for coming!!! She watched him while we practiced and performed. Everyone just oooeh and aaahed over him... I don't blame them cause I do too! He's just such a happy baby these days which is sooo nice.

Tomorrow we're off to Mason City for one last performance of this music we've been working on since the beginning of the year. I missed our concert in May b/c of Baby being born early and all... so I was so happy to be able to sing it this past weekend and tomorrow too. Hopefully we'll be as great tomorrow as we were this weekend (not to sound full of myself or anything... but we're pretty good :) ) I think my mom has heard us enough to agree!

Just as a little side note.... I'm working on a nice little parady I'll be posting soon I hope... if I have some more time to work on it that is!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My new favorite thing.. the Woombie

OMG I have been getting the best sleep lately! And I really think its all thanks to this little thing called a Woombie. This is a picture of Baby wearing his woombie... well this is actually an old picture, from the first weeks at home after his birth. This is the newborn size... he had to upgrade to the "Big Baby" size... All I can say is this was the best investment ever! ($2 at a garage sale?! thanks to my mom!) He goes to sleep anywhere from 8-10:00 pm and doesnt wake up until 3:00-4:30! It has been wonderful this week. And I really think my mood has been better because of all the sleep too.

The only problem is Baby spits up... ALOT... So I am constantly having to wash it and then it has to air dry which takes time... but I guess its all worth it if I remember to do it. And well if I forget... it just has dried spit up on it... it wont kill him to wear it again!.. I know you're probably thinking that's disgusting. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And when it comes to sleep I can get a little desperate! (Don't judge me....)

This week is coming to an end... and while it had its hectic moments (I'm pretty sure I've been spending up to 2 hours in the bathroom each day {due to the fact Bubba is potty-training and enjoys wasting my time...} 15-30 minutes at a time.) In general I'd have to say its been a pretty good week. Mostly due to my new favorite thing... the Woombie! So thank you thank you thank you to the inventor of the Woombie. I could kiss you right now.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Was it magic?....

So the other day JDub opened up his drawer (Yes.... you read that right.... his one drawer he has in our dresser. There are four drawers total... but come on... he still wears clothes he wore in high school... so its not like he needs the extra storage.  He'd prolly tell you different... but whatever!) and he said "Yay! The Boxer Fairy came." Now I know that's not exactly the "Thanks honey for doing my laundry... I needed boxers how did you know?!" but it was funny. I try to do my best on keeping on top of things like this. I mean I am home during the days so the least I can do it keep up on laundry and cleaning... Well maybe not the cleaning so much. Its hard to do when you have a little one wanting to "help" or a crying baby keeping your hands busy. It can be a real chore just getting the broom out of the closet b/c Bubba wants to drag the thing all around the house... terrorizing the cat and knocking things down.. and of course I have to worry about him hitting Baby with everything he gets his little hands on.

But anyway... sometimes I forget myself that things don't happen automatically or magically! Someone has put their time/effort/money/hard work into it... So don't forget to appreciate those in your life..... whether its mowing the lawn or getting you a beer... oh and speaking of beer... if you haven't tried the Summer Shandy by Leinenkugel's yet you should! It is yummy... its beer with a little bit of lemonade in it. It is very refreshing on a hot summer day. And yes I am breastfeeding... but they say a beer a day helps your milk supply! So I'm helping Baby by drinking a little bit of beer!!! :) Its really a win-win situation.

But yea make sure to let the people in your life you are thankful for them! I hope you all know how much I appreciate you :) It means a lot to know that people are interested in what's goin on in my life and read this little blog of mine. Love ya!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Old = lame

Is it just me or the older you get... the more lame you become? I mean think about it... when you were younger you got excited about fun things like dances... and graduating high school. Then cool parties and going out to the bars.... then of course graduating college... then came marriage and children! But after all that what's there to get excited about?

Here are some examples of the things I get excited about and you tell me how lame it is...
-finding a coupon for something I needed to buy anyway...
-finding a great sale on kids clothes...
-when my doorbell rings and its my order from
-getting my workout and shower in before JDub gets home from work
-a great cup of coffee
-even having the time to write on this blog is awesome!
-when Elmo is on so I can get some things done around the house...
-fitting into some of my old shorts.. (ok that one's pretty awesome... and I'm proud of that... but still need to do some work...)
-getting a babysitter :)

So yea... I really think the older you get its the smallest things that make you happy. Which in turn makes you pretty lame... Then again... maybe there's a curve on it ya know? Like you're lame for 25 years or so... but then once your kids are grown and on their own you're back to cool things that excite you.. like retiring and going on cruises and what not....

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