Monday, June 28, 2010


Why do kids fight sleep? I would give anything to have an uninterupted 2 hour nap every day... and go to bed before 9. What gives? So I did get a decent nap in today... that was a nice surprise... but taking that nap meant I didn't do my workout... or shower... so you win some and you lose some I guess.

Oh and my birthday came and went... I'm totally bummed b/c I forgot to check my other email account and I missed out on free cold stone ice cream. SO NOT COOL. Apparently the coupon expires within a week of your bday so that sucks. I did however get some nice gifts :). Thanks to all... We've been listening to Lady Gaga.... my hair looks great... one because I finally chopped it off and donated 10 inches to Locks of Love and two, because my grandmother gave me WEN shampoo!! I really do like it.. I dont think JDub will let me continually get it... but hey at least I can have nice, no fuss hair while my life is crazy right now.

I really think in the long run I will enjoy having our boys so close in age... but right now the "terrible two's" and a colicky 2 month old are really bumming me out........

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer time!!

Oh garage sales how I love thee!!!

This time of year is great! The weather is nicer.... I dont have to be cooped up in the house as much... we can go for walks... and go garage saleing!!! The only problem is, it is not an easy thing to do with two children.... especially an almost 2 year old and a newborn! Yikes. I recruited my mom to come along with me on Friday. Let's just say we only made it to 2 garage sales.... hardly worth going across town... but it was nice to try it out. Then again I did get some clothes for the boys and even some stuff for myself all for under $12!!! Bubba has already enjoyed wearing his new Thomas the tank engine summer pj's and I can't wait to see Baby in his new ISU gear!

One thing that sucks about this time of year is all the construction!!! I swear you can't go a mile w/o running into some (here in Iowa anyway). I know the roads are terrible... but jeez. You might as well say we only have 2 seasons.... winter... and construction... so much for spring summer and fall!

Summertime is fun though. JDub and I just celebrated our 4-year anniversary! Well I dunno if I'd call it much of a celebration.... If I recall we had a nice family from church drop off some dinner (yes people are still dropping off food 6 weeks after the birth of Baby! Its awesome :) ) we did our usual nightly routine... feeding the kids... bathing the kids... and went to bed early! Oh well... what do you expect! My bday is coming up next week too... whoo hoo.. birthday's just aren't as much fun the older you get.... that and the fact it falls on Father's Day this year... so I think I'm gettin screwed just a lil bit... cause JDub will get all the attention! j/k No he deserves it! He is an awesome father to our little boys... And apparently he says we're done having kids (honestly, this is the worst time to decide that.... Baby is still too young!).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am one of those people who use to indoor tan frequently... It just makes you feel good! It's a nice relaxing time... and I could usually only go for 10 minutes at a time b/c I'm practically albino... In college it was great b/c a roomie of mine worked at a rec center where we could go in and tan for free! It was so awesome. I love laying outside to tan as well... but honestly who has the time? And then you get those pesky tan lines... You have to remember to turn over or you'll get burned on one side and be all white on the other. And don't even get me started trying to tan the sides of your legs or body if you're laying out... its nearly impossible!

Honestly though, I dont know if I should technically call it tanning for me. Cause I tend to turn a shade of pink or red... not brown so much. Well I guess you can say I turn a little brown because I get more freckles when I'm out in the sun. I get so sick of seeing those commercials where they're talking about skin damage and dark spots..... they talk about freckles like they're blemishes! Well if freckles are blemishes than I have the worse case of acne anyone has ever seen!

So lately I've turned to using those self-tanning lotions. They're not all bad. I know a couple years back I used one of those gradual ones. Where when you use it every day it gradually turns your skin a darker shade. If I recall it worked pretty well. But honestly I dont shower every day..... let alone put lotion on so I dont see that one working out right now. I usually have some time on the weekend to take a nice long shower... exfoliate... shave... all that good stuff so that's when I take the time to use the self-tanning lotion! Here's the best way I find to use it....

1.Exfoliate and shave your legs. (I've only been using the lotions on my legs b/c my arms are pretty freckled from exposure right now anyway...and NO ONE needs to see my stomach right now... yuck!) I have this sugar scrub from bath and body works... or any type of scrub with beads to help get that dead skin off should work.
2. Completely dry your skin. If you have any drops of water on you at all it will cause streaks which is NOT attractive... I know from experience.
3. Put a nice creamy lotion in areas that crease... like around your ankles, your knees, and your feet.
4. Then I like to use the self-tanner lotion... I usually do the front, then back and rub it into the sides in circular motions on my calves and then thighs.
5. I find when applying the lotion to my knees, ankles, and feet, it is best to mix it half and half with another gentle lotion (like lubriderm). That way you don't risk getting it too dark and settling into the creases...

Of course you should let it dry before putting clothes on, and I wouldn't recommend putting any tight clothes on after.... just make sure you do it on a day you can lounge around for an hour or so until it completely dries... no working out, or showering... You could even do it right before you go to bed! or start a long movie...

I guess while I miss tanning... at least they have this substitute.... as long as you don't cake it on and put too much you won't look orange. And hey... don't we all look better with a tan?! I know I do... cellulite... stretch marks... you name the flaw and a little tan will do wonders on the your appearance!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free time

OK.... I took baby to the chiropracter yesterday... I know some of you out there are thinking WHAT? Taking a baby to the chiro? But I was kinda desperate! Have you mothers out there ever felt this way? Cause I do frequently... well maybe not frequently.. but still I feel a lil desperate sometimes. It wasn't bad. Dr. Chris Smith was very nice (and cute I might add...) and it was all pretty gentle. So far so good.... He was pretty instantly great right after the treatment. He's been sleeping alot... but baby's sleep alot anyway... he's just sleeping without me having to hold him! Which is a huge plus for me. I'm not going to say it worked for sure just yet. I mean it hasn't even been 24 hours! But so far so good.... its just too bad he's not in my network... otherwise I might go there too! (He has free adjustments for kids every 1st Thursday of the month... how cool is that?!)

With me not having to give Baby constant attention... I almost feel like I have free time again! I was able to do my workout, get online, and do some laundry too! I should have showered.... I'm thinking "Car Car" might be the nickname for the new babe. That's what it sounds like Bubba is saying whenever he says his name! I also came up with "Farter".... b/c you wouldn't believe the gas that comes out of this kid in the morning! But that might be too crude... it does rhyme though!

I'm getting a little depressed how none of my clothes fit... I had to breakdown and buy a new one-piece swimsuit.... I think it looks ok... I haven't had any girlfriends over to tell me the truth yet... (any one can feel free to stop by and make me try it on and tell me the truth... i still have the tags and the receipt!). I asked JDub... but I think we all know what a husband's opinion on how we really look means nothing..... I think I bounced back pretty fast after Bubba was born... yea not feeling that way with Car Car though.... But man I am feeling it after my pilates tape today! Yikes.... I am OUT OF SHAPE!!! I need a walking buddy this summer.... any takers?! I have a double stroller and everything!

Anywho... my free time is up... Bubba's awake.... let me know your thoughts on the possible nickname... and Happy Friday!!!

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