Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Does anyone else think infomercials are just hilarious? I mean honestly... where do they find these people to over act and be so dramatic?! So I know its sad how many of them I'm about to talk about.... but this is the price we pay not having cable!

Ez cracker... please visit https://www.ezcracker.com/?mid=547819&a=55959&s=99
Seriously? Is it really that hard to crack an egg? I dont think so! I know there are times when yes... a piece of eggshell can sneak its way into what I'm cooking... and you just pick it out! but not like these people are showing?!

Kangaroo Keeper... visit https://www.kangarookeeper.com/?MID=582833
Now this one I could probably see myself buying... cause my purse is VERY disorganized. My purse is also too small for one of them I think. I do love those big purses though... that way you can sneak in candy and pop at the movies!? If I were to get one I'd prolly have to go purse shopping too!

WEN shampoo... visit http://www.wenhaircare.com/
I still haven't tried this... but would LOVE to. I still see the infomercial often too....

Lifestyle Lift....... visit http://www.lifestylelift.com/
I know I know... .I'm only 25... well soon to be 26 yikes!!! but I couldn't help watching this one! It was crazy to see the before and after photos and videos. I know I don't need this procedure now, but man I prolly will in a few years! I never thought I was a vain person but I might have to be if I look like these before photos!

Pillow Pets.... visit http://www.pillowpetstv.com/
These are actually pretty cute. My mother in law gave one similar (pillow pal I believe is the name) to Johnson for Christmas last year... the pillow pets are machine washable though! I mean honestly... shouldn't everything be machine/dishwasher safe? I hate spot cleaning or hand-washing... its annoying!

Ok that's enough for now I guess.... if you're bored enough you should check out some of the sites... but really some of the people in these commercials are so over the top. You can't help but laugh at them!

Friday, May 21, 2010


So sometimes in life you have to think... what's more important?! Checking your email or reading your son a book........ Doing some laundry... or giving your child a bath? Taking a nap.... or writing on your blog....

I could go on and on... These are my daily "dilemmas". I often have to choose between doing my workout while both boys are occupied (aka sleeping) or picking up around the house! I know what you're thinking... those probably really aren't dilemmas to you. But they sure are to me! Sometimes I have a hard time choosing what I'll do! Most days I pick kids over myself (I dont think I peed all day yesterday?! not until JDub got home from work anyway.....) and sometimes well I just need a little "me" time too. I'd like to think I have my priorities straight... but sometimes by the end of the day who knows right?

I guess you just have to hope you pick yourself some days... and your kids on the other days... and hopefully it all balances out....

Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm pretty sure I am addicted to caffeine... I'm not sure when it happened... It must have been this year... but I cannot function if I do not get some form of caffeine in me before the day is over. Bubba loves to help me make my coffee in the morning! He helps me get the filter (sometimes he wants to give me several.... not just one) and then he brings me the bag of coffee grinds to pour in... and then of course he always wants to push the button to start the pot. For some reason our coffee maker likes to beep several times when the coffee is finished brewing. I guess if you don't hear the first 3 beeps it makes sure by beeping 3 more times! But anyway... I guess I usually say oh the coffee's done.. whenever I hear the beeping. So now of course Bubba has to make sure I know when its done... and he says in his cute little voice "THE COFFEE'S DONE!!!" Not just once mind you.... if any of you out there have an almost 2 year old... or have had kids... you know they must repeat it over and over and over... sometimes I try to ignore him when he does this. But most of the time he gets mad and starts pouting unless I say something like "Oh yep... the coffee is done thank you."

If I haven't mentioned this before... Dunkin Donuts coffee is VERY good. It is my favorite. It makes me wish they still had a Dunkin Donuts around here! I should just open one up somewhere... that way I'd get my coffee fix... and I'd help everyone else who might want one! Then again..... if I were to open up any kind of food establishment.. I'd have to do a Krystal... Its just so ridiculous not having one up north! I could still get my caffeine fix with the sweet tea there!

So I just stopped down in our office in the basement... It has been weeks since I've been down there... JDub usually handles the bills and well I'm a little busy these days with 2 boys constantly needing me. So anyway... right out on the desk is this graduation card... and it read like this... I quote " JDub.... Congrats on graduating! It seems like yesterday when you were a freshman and I was in the 8th grade heart-throbbing over you and gawking at you from across the lunch room! :) Where does the time go?! Good luck in your future endevers! I'm sure you'll be successful in all you do! Keep in touch...." blah blah... signed we'll call her GiGi....

So looks like someone just had to hold on to this card for some reason... Do I need to mention he just had his High school's 10 year reunion? I wonder why...pretty sure he's thrown out plenty of little love notes and cards I've given him over the years... but oh we just have to keep a hold of this one right?! JEEZ!!!! What are your thoughts out there?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

happy freaking mother's day

I know its not good to say freaking.... cause it resembles something else... but yea what nice present did JDub give me for mother's day.... HE LEFT TOWN UNTIL THURSDAY! Yea so Mother's Day itself was great! We went to church for the first time since Baby was born... yea we were a little late... but that's expected right? Then we hung out at home until my parents and sister and husband came over. We grilled out hotdogs (which were yummy! you're not suppose to have them when you're preggo so I really enjoyed mine) and brats and had family time. I know I was a little hard on JDub... I made him chase Bubba around...and change a few poopy diapers of Baby's... but hey... it was mother's day... I'll do the same for him on Father's Day coming up (yes its in writing so he has proof of it being said!).

But yea... what does he do... he leaves town for work and wont be back for 2 more days!!! At least I can count on my family in town to come over and help me... Most people would probably not ask for help... but hey... I know I still need it so I'm willing to ask! And as long as they're willing to help... I'll take it :). Mom came over last night.. and my sis is coming over tonight... thank you Lord! Baby is still a pretty good baby... but he has his colicky moments and that's when I need some reinforcements... I'm still getting the hang of having two boys around.

I really shouldn't say its JDub's fault for leaving... afterall... it was my own father who made him leave town for work!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Aww the joys of motherhood...

You don't really realize how much your life will change once you have children... You're not only responsible for yourself anymore! You can't get caught up in life and forget to feed your children... or bathe them... or wash their clothes... sure you let yourself go a little bit. I can go days w/o washing my hair (they say that's good though right? Its better for your hair to not get washed every day?) I grab something to eat when I can. I haven't quite gotten up the motivation to start working out.. but hey lil Baby just turned 2 weeks old today... so that's not too bad. I use to make sure my hair and make-up was done before I left the house... but sometimes I just don't have time for that!

Its amazing how much you can love someone you just met. And how much you can love someone who drives you crazy! (Bubba.....) I imagine its a lot like how God loves us... unconditionally. No wonder he is able to forgive us all the time! No matter how many times Bubba spills his froot loops all over the floor on purpose... just after I've picked them up.... or dumps his milk on the newly cleaned kitchen floor... I'll still love him. Even though Baby is a very good baby most of the time... at 1:00 in the morning he decided to explode all over his clothes and the changing table... lets just say I wasn't plannin on needing JDub's backup.. but I called in reinforcements anyway... it doesn't mean I love him any less.

With Mother's Day approaching quickly... I just thought I'd drop a line to say how much I appreciate my mother! Some days I think I wouldn't make it w/o her! She has been such a help to me and JDub since Bubba was born... and now that Baby is here too. I feel so fortunate to have her in town (and semi-retired)! I know I call her waaaay too much... and depend on her alot... but I hope she enjoys the time she spends with her grandsons... and I know they love their "Grandma." Sure she spoils them a bit much... and creates new routines I must now do as well.... Bubba has learned that word Candy and repeats it constantly... and now every time we go into his room he has to build a little fort with the blankets in the bunk beds... but hey its worth it in the end.

I'm still working on being the best mom I can be. I just take it one day at a time... its all you can do! I love you mom and thanks for everything. And don't forget to appreciate your own mothers on Sunday :)

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