Sunday, April 25, 2010


As many of you probably know... we had our little bundle of joy arrive almost a week ago!!! He is adorable, and a very good baby. I am still working on a nickname... so that will have to come a little later.

Monday morning I awoke to Bubba talking to himself in his crib.... I did my usual go to the bathroom... close the child gate... and then when I went to pick him up... whoosh... my water broke! I did a little happy dance... saying "yay! today is the day!!!" Bubba wasn't sure what to think of that.... I immediately called JDub.... who of course didn't answer my call! Go figure... he answers every other call... but not "THE" call.... He called back within 20 minutes and we were off! Well sorta... I wasn't quite done packing my hospital bag (I kept thinking if I finished I would jinx it and I wouldn't have the baby until May!) and JDub had to pack his.... then of course Bubba needed a bag too....

I won't bore you with the details of delivery (if you really want to know just ask me... I'd love to tell you, I just know some people aren't into that!) but things went well and we had our newest son at 6:11 pm! He is yet another red-head :) so hey even if everyone keeps saying he looks like JDub at least he has my hair!!! Oh and he is such a good baby. He gave us a scare there for a little bit on Tuesday... he wasn't eating... and his breathing levels weren't as high as they like... he was a little jaundice too....but his doctor visited him and said ship up!!! so he did :). He is doing so well at home. Bubba is adjusting fairly well... he can still be a little rough sometimes...but we're working on it. He can be very helpful when he wants to be. He even picked out his little brother's outfit!

Anywho, thanks to all for the congratulations! We are so happy he is here. (especially mommy :) )

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Never Ending...

Doesn't it seem like there is always something you need to do to your house when you're a homeowner? I mean its never-ending!!! Here's just a small list of the things I would love to have done... and believe me there are plenty more but I won't bore you for too long...

-New front door... one w/o dents and preferably more glass to let some more light in! I know this means I'll have to watch what I'm wearing b/c of nosey neighbors and whatnot... Don't worry they don't have the internet so I know they don't read this!!!
-New back deck... if you can even call it a deck! Its so small and pitiful... the wood it all dry and cracked. I'm worried Bubba's gonna get splinters in his knees from crawling up and down it this summer.. there aren't any railings and the steps down are terrible. Not to mention its on cinder blocks... so that's real classy. (I blame the people that lived here before us!!)
-New light fixture for Bubba's new room. We officially have bunk beds!! I love them soo much. They were on sale so we just had to go for it. Bubba really likes them too. He's always wanting to go into his new room and play on the bunk beds. But there was a ceiling fan in there before... so that obviously is not going to work out now. I just saw the ad for Menards though... they have some fixtures on sale we might just have to go! We were lucky JDub and I both had twin beds until we got married... no need to buy mattresses!
-New bedding for Bubba's new room... Since he'll be in a big boy bed we'll need to upgrade and get him some new bedding... That stuff isn't cheap either!! Especially since w'ell have to do it double time!

SIDE NOTE: Bubba officially used the big boy potty again last night!! And I DIDN'T traumatize him this time :) So hey who knows.... maybe we'll only have one child in diapers by the end of the summer... it could happen right?

-JDub seems to think we need to paint the house... Which is probably true. Who even knows when the last owners did it. And we have that composite stuff so it does need to be painted every once in a while or whatever. I really wouldn't mind doing it... I don't hate painting... I just don't see how we'll get that down with an almost 2 year old and a newborn!?

Ok ok... I'm probably boring everyone... but yea there's a lot of stuff that needs to get done around here... but as you all know it requires time and money... neither of which I think we'll have an abundance of once this new little one comes! I am officially 37 weeks along... I made it further this pregnancy than with Bubba.... don't know how happy I am about it... but what can you do. I guess God had a different plan for us this time around. I'm definately the heaviest I've ever been in my life... but for good cause I guess. At least I'm not all swollen and can still wear my wedding rings!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family Feud

Having no cable and all (sometimes I feel the need to remind people b/c it seems like everyone and their mom has cable except me!) you learn to either not watch TV much... or you find out exactly what time certain shows are on the limited channels you receive. We get this Ion channel which is actually pretty good! Monday thru Friday they air Family Feud (with John O'Hurley) from 4:00-6:00! Now we don't watch it every day... but sometimes its fun to watch a couple episodes while we wait for JDub to come home from work. And of course JDub enjoys them when he gets home too!

I seriously think I would be awesome on this show! Not to sound all full of myself or anything... but I tend to get most of top answers when it comes to the questions they ask. I think it would be so fun to be on the show too! But then I have to think who would I want to be part of my 5 family members? First off... JDub of course. Now I'm a little worried about him cause he DOES NOT like to be the center of attention... like ever... so I'm wondering how he would do being on TV and all.... the audience staring and waiting for your answer... I mean you get around 3 seconds to answer before they buzz you! So you have to be quick on your feet.... Which brings me to my dad. He is pretty much the smartest person I know.... but I'm not sure he's be the quickest on his feet. You know what they say about people from the south.... they move at their own pace or whatever. My mom on the other hand is very fast! She's obsessed with Jeopardy and extremely smart as well. I'd definately have her on there.

Ok so where am I at... I think you have 5 people.... so myself, JDub, Dad, Mom.... that leaves one spot open. Now I have 2 sisters so it might be hard to pick just one of them.... It really doesn't matter how they're related to you... they have cousins and brother in laws... aunts and uncles... Maybe I'd pick Dommie!! That's my grandmother... she's obsessed with crossword puzzles so again... very smart woman.

Well there you have it... so who's ready to try-out with me?! They're having auditions this month in Florida and Boston. I guess good old John O'Hurley is leaving though.... so it'll have to do with Steve Harvey.

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