Friday, March 19, 2010


So apparently there's a right way to wash your hair... who knew right? I mean I thought it was all wet, later, rinse, repeat... And I always use to skip the whole conditioner thing... but now that my hair is getting super long (and JDub was a wonderful hubby who got me one of those amazing hair straighteners the CHI for Christmas) I do condition... but yea I was reading in a Glamour Magazine that there is a specific way to wash your hair! I'm trying it out... and so far so good I think. I do think my hair is less greasy now that I've started doing it this way. I have been taking my prenatal vitamins so that could be helping as well. But here goes just in case you're interested!

1. DETANGLE. I've always done this.. but they say its best to brush your hair before you wash. That's just a no brainer for me... but maybe some of you out there skip that step! I lose enough hair in the shower as is...
2. LESS IS MORE. Now I've been using a minimal amount of shampoo and body wash for a while now. I guess It could be my cheapness or something! But a quarter size blob is what they recommend (double for long hair).
3. LATHER. Use the pads of your fingers (not nails) to knead the scalp! As far as shampoo goes, it can be very drying... probably because of its cleansing agents or whatever... but they say to skip applying it to the ends of your hair. Which makes sense... I mean that is the driest part of my hair!
4. CONDITION. Apparently conditioner is a must for all types of hair.. and they say you should AVOID your scalp!? Who knew? You should start to condition with the ends and stop 3/4 of the way up. (Otherwise you'll have greasy roots... duh no wonder my hair was so greasy the next day!)
5. SOAK. Now you should comb conditioner through to coat every strand and leave on for 5 minutes. They suggest turning the water off for this time to save on water! But yea right... who's really going to stand naked in a shower w/o water running? I don't think so! I try to wash and condition first that way the rest of my shower the conditioner has the longest time to soak in!
6. RINSE. Of course this sounds like a no-brainer... but they say you should also use your fingers to separate the hair while rinsing. They also said its best to rinse in cool water to seal the cuticle... but most of the time I'm taking a nice hot shower to get warm.... I might do this in the summer when its hot...  but not during Iowa winters!

So anyway... I thought it was interesting... and I think it couldn't hurt your hair anyway!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Terrible Twos?!

I don't know if we've already hit the infamous terrible twos... or if I'm just thinking its bad and it hasn't even begun! I love Veggie Tales! I mean its cute... its about God, there's silly, catchy songs.... but I really don't need to watch it 4 times a day! I thought I'd be nice and buy some Veggie Tales fruit snacks.... oh man that's all Bubba wants to eat! All he does is run to the pantry and say "Bob!"For those of you who are not familiar... Bob is the tomato from Veggie Tales. I usually let him have a pack of fruit snacks a day. I know you're prolly thinking that's too much... but he just loves them! He smiles and pops them into his mouth and goes 'mmmmmmm' like its the best thing ever!

I have the Silly Sing along video of Veggie Tales where they highlighted a few of their favorite songs and have little skits in between. This is the only Veggie Tales video my son wants to watch. He has no interest in watching an actual episode with a lesson and Bible verses... no... he just wants to watch the silly songs! Don't worry, I know them all by heart. I know exactly what skit will be coming on next and what song is to follow. I can pretty much recite the entire 30 minute video! I limited him to watching it twice yesterday.... Only the good Lord knows how many times he will request to watch it today (so far just once but it is only noon). He just cries and cries and throws little fits saying "Bob!" over and over again....

But I will tell you one good thing. I know you might think I'm terrible but it is the best baby-sitter around. He sits like a quiet little zombie glued to that TV when it is on. So there's my 30 minutes to run around and try to get something done. I don't just leave him... I check in on him from time to time... he might glance up at me and then back to the TV and say Bob!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So not a morning person...

I will be the first one to admit that I am not a fan of morning... If I could stay up all night and sleep in all morning I would be the happy little camper! But oh well that can't happen. And I have responsibilities and those really do make me happy too. I have to admit I have been quite spoiled with Bubba. He usually sleeps in until at least 7:00 (sometimes 8!). I know a lot of other mothers who are not so fortunate. But alas.... I will soon have another little bundle to wake me up in the middle of the night.. and early in the morning... so I will have to learn to become a morning person.

It really doesn't make sense though cause I love certain things about morning. When Bubba was just a little babe I use to wake up with him and do my workout before starting my day. Man I felt good when I did that! Its amazing what a little endorphins will do to boost your mood. and Breakfast!!! I love breakfast! Eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, pancakes, muffins, orange juice, omelets... I love breakfast foods so much I find myself making breakfast for dinner sometimes. And who can forget COFFEE!??? Oh man I love coffee. Its just so good. Its kind of a bummer not being able to drink that much of it being preggo and all... but its all good. I take mine with lots of creamer and sugar... so I don't know if you can really even call it coffee after its all said and done.

I suppose once spring hits and morning comes... and its NOT 20 degrees out... with snow and ice covering everything that will help too!!

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