Saturday, November 28, 2009

hot or cold... nothing in between please

Is it weird that I love hot tea... and iced tea, but cannot stand luke warm tea? For example... If I'm drinking a nice hot cup of tea and I get side-tracked and it gets cold... I can't finish it. Its just gross! The same thing goes for coffee too. I love hot coffee. Oooo and speaking of if you haven't tried the Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer from International Coffee you really need to because it is delicious!!! But again, I love hot coffee and I also love iced coffee. Especially McDonald's french vanilla iced coffee. But when my iced coffee gets too warm I can't stand it... and when my hot coffee gets luke warm its just so gross!

Does that make any sense at all?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good to the last Drop

I hate to waste things... (well except the butt-ends of a bread loaf... I don't mind throwing those away... no one really likes to eat those do they?). So I try my best to use every last bit of something. For example.... I have probably 4 different bottles of random things that are practically gone but I keep scraping more out.

I love pump lotions because of the convenience. No worrying about taking a lid on and off... or turning it over and squeezing it... just pump and its right there! This is also great for hand soap too. The only problem is it always leaves a little bit at the bottom unused! Hence my half-empty bottle strewn about. Now I don't really mind taking the extra time to get my money's worth... but I think my hubby might be a little annoyed. Oh well... I'm just trying to save us cash!

Also I like to use the last drop b/c most of the containers now-a-days are plastic, and you want to use the last bit to recycle once you're done! I am soo thankful Marion has a recycling center for its residences. My sister lives down in TN and she has no recycling whatsoever... Well I take that back, she might but its not convenient. And well I dunno if I would recycle as much as I do if it wasn't as convenient for me as it is. All I have to do is put a bin out at the end of the driveway with my trash every week. They come by and pick up the trash and recycling all in one trip! Now they do not take glass.... but the center is not far from our house so we usually stock pile that and take it in later. Which I don't find that inconvenient... we don't seem to have as much glass as other recyclables anyway.

I really do encourage you to recycle!! Its so important for our planet. Lots of things can be recycled that you might not even know about! Look for this symbol and check with your local city/county rules!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ok so I get that everytime I eat meat it use to be a cute little chicken... or a pig... perhaps a cow... even a turkey (although are those really cute?) for the upcoming holiday... I get it. But I like the way they taste! Who doesn't like bacon?! I mean honestly? It is sooo good. I could probably eat it at every meal! Its good by itself... in omelets, on salads, in addition to other meats on a sandwich. BLC's are one of my favorite sandwiches of all time! I know what you're thinking... BLC's? Don't you mean BLT's? Nope actually I dont.... I prefer to have Bacon, Lettuce, and Cheese on mine.. Then the other day I saw these!

How cool are those?! Especially for those "low-carb" people. I mean personally I think y'all are crazy... I love bread and other carb-related foods, but hey you can still enjoy your BLT's or BLC's with these!!

Vegans are something else too... Can't even eat dairy products! What do they eat then? I don't think I've ever had tofu... at least none that I can remember... but what exactly is it? I love watching Ellen Degeneres who happens to be a vegan.. she has her chef on there sometimes whipping up the food he makes her... its always got fake turkey or ground beef, fake cheese, fake sour cream. I mean what is this stuff coming from?! And yea I'm sure rich people like her can afford to buy these specialty items, but the rest of us really cant. Organic stuff can even be too much!

Anyway, all I gotta say is I love bacon. And I can't imagine why other people don't!?

Favorite Dip

I'd have to say one of my all time favorite dips is very easy to make. I usually call it my "chip dip" but you can use it with many other things as well.

First you take a tub of sour cream.... 16 oz preferrably... then you take a packet of Ranch Dip.. mix.. and wha laa! You have a yummy dip!!!

The best thing to dip into this delicious dip... are Lay's Classic Potato Chips.... It is soo yummy and addicting you'll eat the entire bag in one sitting... ok maybe YOU wouldn't eat the entire bag... but I would.
This dip is also yummy for all sorts of vegetables... I prefer carrots, cucumbers, green or red peppers, and celery!! I've heard its good with cherry tomatoes but ick, no thanks! So if you're looking for something to snack on... this is a great choice. Of course its better for you with the veggies... but the chips are delicious!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on life...

Saturday was awoken by my son crying at 4:30 am (Thank God it was the weekend and I could make my husband get him!!!) Fever by 10:00 am was 101 and climbing... dosed him with tylenol... called the Dr.'s office and took their advice to go to a walk-in urgent care... After spending hours waiting... saw a nurse practioner (dont know how I feel about these people.... I know that sounds back... but I prefer Doctors...) who looked in his ears said they were fine.... temp had gone down (obviously b/c I dosed him w/tylenol) he was still very lethargic though... they did a influenza test that came back negative, but that was inconclusive....

Sunday, stayed home from church (I was suppose to be in the nursery but would rather be with my sick son and frankly tired after getting up every 4 hours to check on his temp and give him more tylenol b/c it was high every time...) to tend to my sick son. He was doing better (meaning not as lethargic) but still the temp was there.. took time off and went to choir... then proceeded to wake up every 4 hours and check on his climbing fever... giving him tylenol.. etc.

Monday, actually went in to my old job to help out with data entry. My mom (a nurse) came over to watch the babe. When I got home he was pretty lethargic again, sick of it called his doc and got an appt. that day....... Turned out he has an ear infection and his wonderful doctor mentioned Motrin is better than tylenol... b/c you can give it to him every 6-8 hours... in stead of 4. His temp was practically gone with the Amoxicillin he started...

Tuesday, pretty bad day. Babe was very irritable.. thought I noticed a rash around his neck.. He didn't want to eat anything I presented him with and wanted to be held all day when he wasn't napping... Asked hubby if he thought it looked like a rash... he told me he saw nothing...he gave him a bath and put him to bed while I took a break and showered and went to the store.....

Wednesday, still noticed a rash on his neck... proceeded to continue the Amoxicillin and my mom called to check in on the patient. Told her about the rash, she told me to call Dr. Made an appt... turns out he was having an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin... great... changed meds and went on...

Which brings us to today... He is doing much better, actually ate a decent breakfast this morning and even though I'm suppose to discontinue the bottle I introduced it back b/c he's lost weight since his check-up 2 months ago. He chugged that milk like nobody's business... He has another appt later this month as a well child visit... I do not enjoy going to the Dr. 4 times in one month though... not cool.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Daylight Savings....

I hate you... you have ruined my week.. thus my life. Now instead of waking up after 8:30 my son decides to get up before 7:00 am. You suck. What gives you the right to make all of us change just for you?! Its not fair... I doubt you're losing any sleep at night... I'm sure you sleep as they say "like a baby". Well the rest of us haven't been sleeping well. We're all tired and groggy and can't wait til we finally adjust. I hope you're happy....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

For Women Only

So I was looking for a book to read... and decided I'd try this one b/c it was on a book club list... While I was reading it I thought it had a lot of insight and all that... but then after talking to my husband (to check and see how accurate some of the things this book said) it seemed like it was a load of crap. Now technically the book was backed by statistical evidence and all these blind surveys of soo many men and so on.....

I'm sure the book really does have some truth to it. I know it did in certain areas. It just seemed like my man was the exception to every rule in it!? Which honestly, I thank God for. I guess it makes perfect sense.... I mean my husband is NOT "most men". Which is a GREAT thing. I mean I didn't wait around for most men... I waited for the perfect one!

I read this a while back.. and well with pregnancy brain its a little hard to focus and remember exactly what the book said.... but I do remember a few things. I won't tell you if my husband is just like what the book said... or the exact oppisite.... I'll keep those things to myself... but its interesting anyway!

1. Looking good for your man.
Apparently this was a subject most men could not seem to talk to their significant others about..... Basically a lot of men out there get frustrated and down when their woman doesn't try to impress... Grant it they say they don't expect their wife and mother of 3 to look like they did when they met in high school (that's just not possible.....) but they want them to make an effort. Now I do agree with this to an extent. Honestly... after I gained 50+ pounds with my first pregnancy I did try to lose the weight... Not at first! I mean I had a newborn to deal with... but eventually I came around, did my workouts, and looked as good as I could.

In this book the author's husband talked about how he was disappointed every time he saw the same chocolate donuts sitting on the counter every morning. He "knew nothing was going to change as long as he saw those donuts". Seriously? The woman can't eat a freaking donut?! She had just given birth to your son! She deserves a donut... maybe 3! Now I guess I don't know for sure how long the donut eating had gone on... or how old the son was (the book didn't specify). But for her husband to think like that?! It just makes me glad I can't read men's thoughts.....

The other thing was making an effort not to dress like a slob. Ok ya know what... I'm a stay at home mom... Meaning most days I don't even leave the house. Yea I'll do my best to shower...(I do almost every day!) and most of the time I put a little make up on... but do you expect me to dress to the hilt?! I don't think so... I'll stick to my comfy clothes thank you very much. What happened to the "its what's on the inside that counts."?

2. Respect your husband
I'm sure most christian married couples have heard of the Love and Respect series, and it does make a lot of sense. This book made some specific remarks about respect though. Most women never try to deliberately disrespect their spouses, but still manage to. One main statement mentioned disrespect in public, and how even a little teasing really isn't playful but VERY disrespectful. If your wife can't respect you in front of others how are they going to respect you....... just some food for thought!

3. Men are Visual
Yea yea yea... we all know men are visual... We can see the wandering eyes daily. Oh but apparently they're hard wired this way.... they can't help it... don't be mad at them for using their God-given gift! You should embrace the "gifts" God gives them and basically give them a free pass. After all they just can't help themselves...... This seems like a load of crap. Like when people use excuses like "oh I'm sorry... I just can't help it... its how I am!" Pretty much like I'm not going to even attempt to work at changing... so deal with it. I guess all in all as long as its just a wandering eye... and not going farther than that what's the harm... but still!

4. Men have a distinct drive to provide
If you're like most moms....... you probably have the instinct to worry a lil bit... just about your children in general... if they're developing correctly, if you're a good enough mother... if they get hurt you hurt as well... I'm not sure why but it seems like that's the norm. Well apparently most men have this worry... but as it pertains to providing for their families. They are at a constant alert wondering if they are doing a good enough job at supporting the family. Now I can imagine in a single-income home this burden can be even greater.... but apparently men living with two incomes still have this burden.

While this does seem to ring in some truth... it seems like I still know some free-loaders out there too....

OK apparently that's all this brain can remember right now..... in general I did enjoy reading the book... it was fairly short and did have some interesting points....

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