Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween pedicure

Yay for Halloween!! Can't wait to carve pumpkins and show off my lil guy in his costume :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Can you Excel at Everything all at Once?

Personally I KNOW I can't excel in every area every day. Its just not an attainable goal for me. The past two weeks I'd have to way I'm excelling great when it comes to cooking! Last week it was lasagna, BLT's, tacos, then Sunday it was ham and cheesy potatoes, chicken quesadillas and 7-layer salad, and I even made pumpkin bars to take over to dinner at my sister's tonight. I have to say we have eaten very well the last couple of weeks. Well... maybe not super healthy.. I mean there was a lot of butter and heavy cream involved.... but it beats grilled cheese sandwiches. But in the mean time... other things have definately gone to the wayside.

How do people do it? Or do people do it... I mean my house is a pit! I need to mop the kitchen floor soo bad it is not even funny.... sure I've cleaned the kitchen counters... showered almost every day.... and picked up around the house. But it is in no means up to par. I don't even get how working mom's can do it! I'm home all day and I can't even get this stuff done. Now I'll admit... I've been kinda lazy lately... being tired and worn out (I'm totally blaming the pregnancy). But I just can't get it all done. I usually try to get on top of laundry before things get low... but I have not been on the ball.

I am no June Cleaver... or super hero... I hope there are more out there like me... and I'm not the only one who can't excel in everything. I feel like if I take more time cleaning.... then I'm not spending enough time with my son. If I spend more time with him... then I'm not cooking, or showering, or getting chores done! I guess I need to work on my balancing skills... I'm sure it wouldn't kill me if one day I focus on cleaning... and the next focus on playtime... then the next a little me time... but I just can't seem to balance it all. I watch those shows like The Nanny and think how can they have a schedule?! But maybe I should look into that.... It seems to work for them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Starter of Projects

I love starting projects. I love getting the materials all ready to go. (Especially if there is any shopping involved). I like coming up with an idea and preparing a plan. The only problem is.... I rarely seem to finish the projects I start.

For example:

1. I have a scrapbook that I started in college that is strickly a "college years" book. I left pages blank along the way with the idea that I would print certian photos off and finish the book... Well the other month I decided snapfish was having a sale on prints... so I'd print a bunch off and get going! Well I think I did about 4 pages... and whoops... it fell to the wayside.

2. This past summer I decided it would be fun to try and make a t-shirt quilt out of all my old high school t-shirts. Shirts from my involvement in show choir, volleyball, etc. I recruited my aunt Sandra, my sisters, and my mom to help me. Its a very long process... We had to cut all the t-shirts, iron on this pellon stuff to make the material thicker, make a template and cut each panel out my hand. They helped with the cutting of the t-shirts and ironing on... and that seemed to take long enough. I mostly did the tracing and cutting with the template. There's a lot more to it than just that... but I'll spare you until a later post when the quilt is actually done! Right now I have started sewing the panels together... but still its yet another project that is not complete....

3. I came up with this idea for Christmas gifts this year. I'm not going to go into details in case the people receiving the gifts read this blog... but there are several things I want to do... most of which I have started on, but again have not completed...

Why is it so easy for me to start something and so hard for me to see it to the end?!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Why is it that my 14 month old child refuses to eat..... I really hope its just a phase and it will be over soon. Cause I am so frustrated trying to feed him. Its not like he only eats once a day either... he eats anywhere from 3-6 times a day... So here I am, frustrated at least that many times per day. I prayed and prayed this morning for patience and guidance b/c I don't know what to do about it. It bothers me b/c I know how important nutrition is for his development and growth! He's already a little guy as is... I don't need his not eating to hurt that more....

For example. Breakfast: 1/2 container of yogurt, 1/2 piece of peanut butter toast

Lunch: 2 slices of canned peaches 12 gerber veggie crackers

and that was it! I fixed him some baby food, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it... waving his hands in front of his face over and over not letting me get a spoon in. He wouldn't eat carrots either, and he use to love those.

I know it can take a while when introducing new foods... but old foods that he's eaten and loved in the past... now throwing them on the floor over and over! I dont want to encourage bad behavior... but I want him to eat too... Ugh its just really hard right now.

Friday, October 9, 2009


So here's the thing about clutter... I really don't like it in most cases. It kinda drives me crazy. I hate clutter on countertops. That is by far the worse. It seems like my kitchen counters ALWAYS have clutter too. No matter how many times I clear it, and clean them... next thing I know its piling up again. Its a vicious cycle like everything else in life!!??

But here's the other thing about clutter... we have this shelf unit in the kitchen. I like to call it the "green thing". I can pile so much crap on there and it doesn't even phase me. Although it drives my husband crazy. He HATES the "green thing"; you could probably even say he loathes it. He's threatened getting rid of it several times.

And there it is folks! Pretty bad huh? I'm sure those of you who have been to my house know exactly what I'm talking about... You probably want to start throwing stuff away on there yourself! Its hard to justify clearing the countertops 24/7 when that's staring ya in the face! But its just so weird that it doesn't bother me! It's kinda like that episode of friends where Monica has the secret closet that no one gets into.... Finally Chandler breaks in to find absolute chaos. And of course for Monica its terrible cause she's such an OCD freak everything has to be in order... but then she has this messy closet! Then the real kicker was Chandler wanted to throw some stuff in there too and she replied "But I'm worried you'll mess it up!"

I'd like to say in most cases I try to be organized... I try to put things back in their perspectives places after I use them. This just makes sense for future use... And in fact I have several things on the "green thing" at any given time and I can find them... usually...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Upcoming Concert

Chorale Midwest is having our first concert as follows........

A Festival of Song

October 30, 2009 - 7:30 PM

Free Will Donation

First Lutheran Church - 1000 3rd Ave SE

Cedar Rapids, IA

So in case you're free that night we would LOVE to see you there. We have been working very hard on the music!!! If you'd like more information feel free to leave a comment. But as listed the concert is FREE, with a free will donation.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Junk Food

Do you ever see a commercial with those kids eating Chef-Boyardee ravioli and wish you had some? I know there are better things for me to eat.... But have you noticed how you try to be healthy... you buy a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies and next thing you know they're rotting away in your crisper drawer! Why is it that the things that are better for you cost more and don't last as long?

I had that ravioli for lunch and it really hit the spot... sometimes I'll go with Spaghettio's (with meatballs of course) too. I really like Totino's pizza rolls! Although I saw a commercial for bagel bites that said they didn't have all that artificial stuff in them like the rolls do.. so I bought some bagel bites to try out sometime. I always use to make those when I was younger but it seemed like that bagel part would be rock-hard and then the pizza part was cold! I'm hoping since I have a toaster oven now they'll work out better. Toaster ovens are just awesome! Jeremy introduced me to them... I don't know how I ever lived w/o one! Microwaves are good too... but toaster ovens just work so much better for certain things. Like for instance I also love mini-tator tots... and it can be such a pain waiting for the huge oven to pre-heat so I make them in my toaster oven sometimes for a smaller portion!

Ok back to junk food though.... If it wasn't for junk food I don't think I would eat at all somedays. Its not like I eat it every day, all day... but sometimes I just don't have the energy and that's the easiest thing to make!

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