Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So I pretty much just got back down to weighing what my body will allow (apparently I am unable to get back to "pre-pregnancy weight"). I'll just pretend my boobs weigh the difference :) I think I got down to this weight around May.... I had to work on it too. And now it all feels like a waste... considering all I'll be doing is gaining weight. I already feel bigger... I bought new jeans this summer and they are already getting uncomfortable. That's why I'm so thankful I bought in-between-jeans....

These are jeans that I treated myself to after I had Johnson. I did lose most of the weight once he was born. And then a couple weeks later when all the water-retention went away. But I still couldn't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I was so sick of wearing sweatpants, and workout clothes I had to buy some jeans that were a size up from my usual ones.... Man am I glad I did that! I'm wearing them right now.. Its kinda sad to think I can't already fit into my newer jeans... but its all for a good cause right? And technically I can still fit into them.. they just aren't comfortable.. and right now that's all I really care about.

Well I just broke down and bought some belly bands! Here's what they look like....

I'm hoping this will help my situation... Cause I can't button some of my pants!! These are suppose to help keep your pants up if they're too big, or conseal un-buttoned pants also! I'm looking forward to getting them and trying them out :) I had to go for a 3 pack... that way I had some choices for color ya know?

Another thing I want to invest in eventually is this post-pregnancy wrap thing. I'll just give you a link b/c the pics are a little risque..... http://www.babooshbaby.com/tauts.html It supposedly helps get your belly get back to its firmness or whatever after baby... It took me forever last time.. so I think I might need a little help second time around... we'll see though cause its pretty pricey!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To find the right shampoo.....

Have y'all seen this website.... myhusbandisannoying.com? Its pretty funny... some of the things on there I can totally relate to (meaning my husband does the same thing!) and some I'm thankful my husband isn't like that..... I mean I like the idea... but honestly who's husband isn't annoying? (if you don't have a husband feel free to insert boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, significant other... boss... the opportunities are endless) I know I can be annoying too, I'm not absent on that list. Everyone can be a little annoying at times ifa certain subject comes up....

So Jeremy insists on using conditioner... he says he likes the way it makes his hair feel. But then right after showering, he slaps on hair gel... which makes his hair stiff... so in a way doesn't that defeat the purpose of using the conditioner in the first place? I mean I guess I could understand using conditioner a little more if he had long, flowy hair like Fabio (which by the way I would hate... guys with long hair gross me out...); but really he basically has a crew cut. Not to mention he doesn't use just a little bit of shampoo and conditioner... he uses a palmful!

I have been wanting to try this shampoo I saw on an infomercial a while back... Its called WEN shampoo. It apparently is awesome.. but a little on the expensive side. Jeremy refuses to let me try it in the off chance I'll like it and want to keep buying it... (This coming from a guy who uses the $1 Suave shampoo, and conditioner of course). He coasts through this stuff, so I keep saying hey... if he'll give up conditioner... and use a normal amount at a time (like a quarter size at the most for him...) then we'd end up saving enough money so I could afford it! That is if I even like it in the first place... Is it too much to ask to even try the stuff? Jeez.....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New seasons of TV are approaching!!!

I know... its kind of sad to be so excited for season premiers on tv shows. But I just can't help it. I love getting lost in a show... discussing them with friends... like the characters are real people or something! Its just kind of fun ya know? Not to mention entertaining too.... I have waaaayy too many shows I'm involved in. And I'm talking just the kind on network TV. That is what you call it right? Just the usual NBC, CBS, ABC channels. Here's what I enjoy watching... and of course being a mother, I do not always get to watch these when they originally air, but thanks to the internet I can view them online when I have the time :)


7:00 pm How I Met Your Mother CBS
Its a comedy... which I love. You always feel pretty good after watching a comedy... at least one that's funny anyway right? Neil Patrick Harris is histerical... the other characters are pretty good too. They're all 20-30 somethings, living in New York. One couple is married but all the others are single... Its a flashback to their early years :)

7:00 pm House FOX
I've been watching this show since the beginning :). A medical show... Jeremy says I watch too many of those too... I'm sure most of you have heard of it or at least watched it once or twice. Dr. Gregory House is just a great character... sometimes I wish I could be like him and just be blunt, say what's on my mind! He's so mean though.. but you still love him. One of my favorite characters is his best friend, an oncology doctor Wilson. This season is going to be a little weird though... since House has gone crazy. We'll have to see how the 2hr season premier goes (I might just have to watch this and miss my cbs shows!!)

8:30 pm Big Bang Theory CBS
Once again another comedy... This one is about a bunch of nerdy boys... a couple are roommates living in an apartment where a hottie happens to move in across the hallway. Penny's her name, she's an aspiring actress who works at the cheese cake factory. I swear she'll end up with Leonard, but who knows! Leonard and his nerd crew remind me waaaay too much of my husband and all his nerdy engineering type friends. They would get into these discussions that were way over my head (or just too boring for me to care) and the show does the same.

9:00 pm Castle ABC
This show is about an author who is writing his next best-seller based on a lady detective. He joins her while she's trying to find the killer so he can get the inside look for the book. Jeremy says I watch way too many shows about murders.. I hope that isn't suppose to mean something, but its just so good! He prolly won't admit it but he does watch it with me sometimes.. and he laughs and enjoys it! There's always some comic relief between the author and detective... a little sexual tension between them as well. Somehow he always helps her solve the case!


Tuesday is kind of an off night for me... House use to be on Tuesday, but now its moved to Monday. I'll prolly watch so you think you can Dance... and of course when American Idol comes back I'll watch that.


7:00 pm America's Next Top Model CW
Now I know... this show is pitiful... Tyra is something else... but I love it. It's kind of my guilty pleasure... like perezhilton.com. Girls cooped up in a house trying to win a modeling contract... reality tv at its best :) I don't always watch it... sometimes I'll watch So you think you can dance on Fox too.

8:00 pm GLEE FOX
My mom got me watching this show... I still haven't watched the pilot episode... need to get online and watch it sometime... It reminds me of show choir back in high school... those were the days! I love it. I love the singing and the dancing... its right up my aisle. Its pretty cute too :) It's about a high school Glee club that's trying to get jump-started.


Thurdays are very hard for me.... there are just too many shows I like, they're all on at the same time.. and I can never decide which ones I want to watch!!

8:00 pm CSI Las Vegas CBS
Here's another one I've watched from the start. One of my crime-solving, dead-people shows. I love all the characters... last season got real weird though... they killed off the hottie Wartwick, and my favorite character of all time Grissom, is gone... so we'll see how this season kicks off...

8:00 pm Fringe FOX
Here's one Jeremy likes... so I tend to watch it with him if I can get him to enjoy the same show as me! It's very sci-fi, reminds me of X Files that I liked back in the day. Joshua Jackson stars in it... his father knows many of the mysteries they come across in their weird discoveries.... they have some great banter during the show....

8:00 pm Grey's Anatomy ABC
Love it! Love the drama... the suspense... all the intermingling is insane. Another medical show. Patrick Dempsey's hott....

8:00 pm The Office NBC
Jeremy and I both enjoy this show. Its just too funny. I can't relate that much anymore... what with not working in an office... but its still good. Pam and Jim are getting married... and she's preggers!! It should be a good season :)

9:00 pm The Practice ABC
This is that spin-off from Grey's. Another drama filled intermingling medical show! The cliff-hanger from last season was INSANE!!! So I have to at least watch to see what happens. It has that hot guy from Wings too... he just gets better with age :)


8:00 pm Medium CBS
This show use to air on NBC, but for whatever reason changed over... personally I'm happy about it b/c of stupid digital NBC can be spacey with their signal and it doesn't always come in. Thanks to CBS I get their signal no problem most of the time :) This is one of my favorites. I love her and her husband. They're about the cutest couple there is... and all their little girls. She's a sort of psychic.... works for the DA in town. She helps solve murder cases... another one of my weird murder shows... I guess maybe Jeremy's right I do watch too many.... She has dreams about the murders and helps solve the case!! This was another great cliff-hanger from last season... she's in a coma..

And there you have it..... I hope you don't think less of me... tv is free... so that's usually why I choose to entertain myself that way (well my tv is free...). Let me know if you watch any of these shows too!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Audience in the world...

So as you already know... I started back singing with my Chorale Midwest Group. I am a little bummed b/c our first concert is on a Friday night... and neither my mother-in-law or mother will be able to come!? We're kind of required to sell at least 6 tickets to keep things funded... and there goes a third of my sales!!! So frustrating...

Anyway, so the other day I took my music out and was reading through some of it... I was singing out loud (of course...) and when I stopped Johnson acutally started to clap! It was the cutest thing ever. He is by far the best audience I've ever had (no offense to anyone else out there....). So now whenever I practice there he is sitting beside me waiting for me to finish so he can start clapping!

P.S. I didn't realize I had members only who could post on my blog... so I changed it. Feel free to leave comments! I'd love to hear from you. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am so blessed. There's no doubt about it! I know I don't feel as blessed as I really am.. but I know I am. I have a wonderful husband who provides for our family and allows me to stay home with our beautiful son (is it ok to call your son beautiful? Its not too weird is it? Well he's just so cute... handsome... whatever...) I have wonderful in-laws and parents who are willing to pretty much drop whatever they are doing to babysit when we need a helping hand...

I even have a cat who can entertain my son for me!!!

God has blessed us with another pregnancy!! Sometimes I think Jeremy and I might be a little crazy to have our kids so close together... but people have managed... I have friends and family who have had them closer. God can only give you what you can handle.... right? I do apologize if someone is reading this and they find out through my blog... its just well... I don't really know who all wants a phone call from me just to say hey... I'm preggers again... I know some people react differently towards the news so this way they can get the initial reaction out... and then hopefully alter it if need be. Just so its clear though... we are very excited and happy to be pregnant again! We can only hope the pregnancy/birth/baby will be as great as it is with our son Johnson :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


This is literally what I wanted to do ALL DAY LONG today... well and yesterday too, come to think of it.. I had a great time visiting friends in Ames and tailgating for the ISU/Iowa game, but this old woman is not use to being up so late!! Friday we didn't go to bed until 2:30 and then we got up at 5:30! I am too old for that stuff I tell you what.

Then of course it doesn't help when you get a cold either. Every time my son wanted to take a nap... I just took one too. Of course that means I got absolutely nothing done today. The house is a pit. I can't even remember the last time I mopped the kitchen floor.... But one thing did make me feel better about everything... watching "Grey Gardens". This is the newer movie, with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. It is based on real people... I liked it... don't know if I'd tell everyone I know to go out watch it or anything... but you definitely should see the old documentary first. But what I mean by making me feel better is the fact that those women lived in filth... like squatters.. it was insane. And at one time they had it all! They're even related to Jackie O and were living in a house that should have been condemned! So at least my walls are still intact... I don't have fleas.... or random strays living in my attic peeing all over everything I own!! So yea my house is dirty... but its not that bad!

I of course had to watch this while the husband's out of town. I don't know what he has against her.... but he absolutely loathes Drew Barrymore. I don't really have anything against her.. I mean she's all right... but he can't stand watching anything with her in it. He's gone until Thursday :( and then when he gets back he's leaving again on Friday! Work picked a great week to have him gone.... I had no time to recoup from the weekend, and the son and I are both sick. Not cool......

Let's just hope the week itself goes by alot quicker than today did...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears

I'm sure a few of you have heard this phrase before... yes, I'll admit I watch the Family Guy. It can be quite crude and offensive... but it is pretty funny too.

So on behalf of Family guy.... I'm here to bring you this segment of what really grinds my gears.....


Ya know what really grinds my gears? People driving totally oblivious to the fact there is an ambulance trying to get by them while they're a. talking on their cell phone b. jamming to their radio station c. yelling at their children in the back d. picking their nose... e. etc.

Ambulances are there to help people! What if that ambulance was going to the aid of your friends, or family members? What if the ambulance didn't make it in time? I try to always be aware of my surroundings when I'm driving. I don't have my radio so loud I can't even think, let alone not hear a siren. It's not that hard to notice flashing lights in your rear view mirror either!

The other day I was waiting at a stop light watching while an ambulance was approaching the intersection. The ambulance was approaching the red light, but they don't have to stop at those because they're an emergency vehicle... Some woman (now I hate saying woman b/c we tend to get a bad rap on driving in general... but it was a woman this time) was just yacking away on her cell phone, pulled up waiting to turn left at the light. Of course she is oblivious to why the oncoming traffic stopped flowing (B/C there was an ambulance approaching...) and she started pulling out right in front of the ambulance! I had my window rolled down and started waving my arms around trying to signal her to stop... which she did just in the nick of time.

Pay attention when you're driving... and please, please PLEASE yield to ambulances... where ever you happen to be headed is most likely not that important if you are a little late... but ambulances need to get where they are going fast.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Oh I am sooo mad right now! I was so looking forward to the season premier of the Ellen show this morning when I turned it to channel 2 like I usually do... and the People's Court was on?! Don't get me wrong... I like Judge Milian and everything... but I like watching her at 3:00! Not 9:00 am! I get on tvguide.com to find out Ellen is now apparently airing on channel 9. Well ever since the "conversion" from analog to digital, we don't get channel 9. I don't understand why she changed stations!!!!

Why can't KCRG channel 9 just increase their signal strength so poor people like me (a.k.a. people w/o cable) can still watch their shows? It really doesn't make any sense. I mean isn't it all about ratings for them? If they would just increase their signal strength more people would be able to watch their channel and their ratings would be higher. It really seems like a win-win situation to me....

Now not only will I not get to watch Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, or Castle... but now Ellen is on that list. SO NOT FAIR! The only good thing is I can watch them online... but that is really less convenient for me.

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