Monday, August 31, 2009


I love to sing! I sing along with commercials, the radio, sometimes I burst out in song even when no music is playing!

I was in show choir in junior high and high school... I have to say I have very fond memories from it. I even joined choir in college. My whole family is musical as well. We all sing... my mom plays the piano. When we have family get-togethers we usually end up singing songs or watching musicals for hours!

My husband on the other hand... is not a musical person... well I guess I shouldn't go that far. He likes music just fine (most of the screaming kinda where you can't understand what they are saying....) he just isn't one to sing randomly like me. I think the first time he met my family we were singing away and it scared him a little bit!!

I'm in a group called Chorale Midwest right now. I enjoy it a lot! Sometimes singing along to the radio and at church just isn't enough!!

go to for more information on concerts!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Perfect French Tip Pedi

I love painting my toenails... don't get me wrong... I'd much rather have someone else pamper me... massage my feet and legs... but hey, we all can't afford those luxuries... so instead I give myself pedicures!

Here are a few things you'll need to give yourself the perfect french tip pedicure..... white polish, clear polish, foam toe spacers, and some nailene perfect tips.
First make sure your nails are trimmed and filed to your liking. Make sure you've cleaned the nail area well and removed any remnants of other polish.
1. Place the perfect tips directly onto your nail just under where you want the white tip to start.
2. Paint one coat of white polish on the tips of your nails and let dry. Make sure to go up right to the line of the "perfect tips" (you can even paint on it a little bit).
3. Paint a second coat of white and let dry.
4. Remove each "perfect tip" slowly and carefully. Make sure not to pull too hard or it will pull the polish off your nail as well.
5. Paint 2 coats of clear fingernail polish on top... and tada!
You should now have a perfect, classy, french-tip pedi all for practically nothing!!!

Nap Time

Well he's down for a nap... hopefully for at least an hour... I don't understand how one time while he's napping I can get so much done... mop the kithen floor... do my workout... start some laundry... even shower... and then the next nap time I can barely eat a snack?! I guess its all about motivation. Some days are better than others.

Rainy days are NOT good motivaters though! That's all we've had around here for the past three days.... Ok, grant it, it is not actually raining right now... but its cold and cloudy out. That doesn't make me want to get up and get ready for the day... once again I just want to crawl into a warm bed and snooze!

Naps are great... they are practically the best thing on earth... so why do kids fight them so much? My son crawled around.... fell on his face several times... before deciding to give in to his much needed nap. Why fight it? It feels so good?!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Its been a crazy few days...... my son just turned 1 year old yesterday! I can hardly believe it.... It seems like just last week I was carrying him around in my belly! He is such a doll... its going to be hard disciplining him when he's a little older. He just looks at me with those eyes... and that smile. It just breaks your heart! He's already walking around. Pretty well most of the time. He still tends to fall on his poor little head though. He's covered in bruises from falls right now. One on his cheek... three on his forehead. Honestly we have hardwood floors and he's just accident prone I guess!

We're having his birthday party tomorrow. Just a small get together... grandparents and aunt and uncle that are in town. I was hoping to have it outdoors... but lately with this rainy weather I don't think that is going to happen!

I am so exhausted lately... just want to sleep and lounge around.... the weather really isn't helping either. Still doing well with the gdiapers for now! Its more work than the regular disposals.... but I do feel better about using them. I can't wait til they come out with the gCloth inserts again!

Anywho... he's napping right now... and I think I might just have to nap a little myself.. unless my husband decides to come home for lunch soon that is!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Being Green

I am all about being green for our planet. I do my best to recycle, reduce, and reuse! I'm not sure what got me so gung-ho about it... maybe since becoming a mom and seeing how many diapers/outfits my son goes through a day. And of course how many outfits and burp rags I went through for the first six months of his life b/c he was a spitter! Man that boy could spit up... Its a wonder he gained any weight at all.

Anyway... back to being green. I have been wanting to use gdiapers from the start with my son. I heard about them through one of my many sign-ups online when I first found out I was pregnant. They are such a great idea!

The following information was taken from the gDiapers website!

gDiapers stand for green diapers. They consist of a washable, cotton outer little gPant and a plastic-free biodegradable diaper gRefill. They are made of breathable material just like sports clothing. So, babies stay dry and are less likely to get diaper rash.

You can flush, compost, or toss the gRefill insert. They are plastic-free, so you can toss or flush them. You can even compost the wet ones if you'd like They break down in 50-150 days vs. the regular disposable diapers {Huggies, Pampers, Luvs} that can take up to 500 years to break down.

Like I said... I wanted to use these things from the start... but I had to convince the husband... well actually apparently a guy he works with had to convince him cloth was the way to go! Right now I'm using cloth inserts inside the little gPants instead of the throw away gRefills. Today is the first day I've used them, and so far its going pretty well I think! Its a little messier then using regular disposable... but I'm hoping in the long run I'll be saving the planet little by little :)

visit for more information. :)


I can't believe there are still cities out there that do not provide recycling bins and recycling options for you. It is just insane to me! I recycle anything and everything that I can. From paper, plastic, cardboard, old food containers, and more. We have a recycling center in our town that is very convenient. We can't put our glass containers on the curb for pickup like other recyclables... but I (or my husband) can go the extra mile and take them. If everyone would just be more open to being green, it would really make a difference.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Netflix is amazing... if you enjoy watching movies... for cheap and on your own time... its perfect! Not to mention, if you have a nerd for a husband who has to have an XBox Live account... it is actually beneficial for Netflix users! You can watch any instant movies on your netflix account from your Xbox! That way you can watch it from your big screen instead of your tiny computer moniter.. and you can even relax and lounge on the couch instead of in your uncomfortable computer chair..

Now I know you're thinking but... everyone has laptops nowadays... and you can take that anywhere! But you have to worry about a power supply with that. But the thing I love the most about Netflix is all their sweet work-out videos you can watch. My favorite right now happens to be the one on the right here. I gained 50 lbs when I was pregnant with my now 1-yr old son.... Yea 50! This workout was easy and beneficial. The lady can be a little annoying sometimes... but it really gets the job done! And hey it only takes 10 minutes... I usually do two a day... and everyone has 20 minutes right? Even if you have to get up early its totally worth it :)

my first blog

Well technically... this isn't my "first" blog...... I blogged during college a few years back. I let it fall off the radar after graduation. It just seemed like I never logged on! But now I log on alot... too much probably... but it's a way to get some adult content... not that kind of adult content... just not kiddie stuff ya know? I love staying home with my son... I just crave adult conversations and banter sometimes.

So here I am... I don't know if I totally get the hang of this just yet, but work with me. I have a feeling I'll be ranting my frustrations of parenting... sharing my favorite recipes... getting the latest gossip off you name it, it will probably be here.

Hopefully my son will take his regular naps so I'll be able to post frequently :)

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